Get SMART Series: Classes

In Brink, you can play as one of four different class types: Soldier, Engineer, Operative, and Medic. In our latest Get SMART video, you’ll learn more their roles, including the special skills and abilities they contribute. Watch it and you’ll be sure to jump to the head of the class.

Tune in tomorrow for the final Get SMART video.

Reader Comments

  1. hmm not much new here, but it is just the tutorial. i’d like to know more details, such as exactly how much each buff does, how long abilities last and take to reload, etc.

  2. More ! We need more videos.

    Please make Brink on steam be released on May 10 not on may 13.
    Please guys, I can’t Wait 3 days. I already Pre-Order it from steam.
    Please make them release the game on May 10.