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  1. She certainly has created an amazing case mod again :)

    ( and now the idea of modeling the Skyrim Logo, coming out of an Oblivion gate with sculptey
    (for my antec 1200 right door) haunts my dreams at night ;D )

  2. I would really like to see Morrowind Done as a HD remake when Besthesda has time. I fell in love with The Elder Scrolls with Oblivion I have tried to play Morrowind on my PC but it does not run good. For PSN maybe? Id gladly pay $40 or more if it looks good.

  3. OMG this is a really nice job on a case mod. SKYRIM IS GONNA BE F***IN AMAZING………..CAN’T WAIT. Kudos to Bethesda releasing it in November….just in time for my birthday! Thanks!!!

  4. @SinisterCheese, Why would you even bother to judge her appearance, Shes Good looking anyways! like Katharine with a K, Shes very smart and talented! Don’t mind his dumb comment.

  5. I would have gotten really upset with it and quit but you stuck with it and it looks fantasic, you really did a great job :D

    P.S. Im also cant wait for it to come out its taking way to long -.-