Win a customized Astro A40 Wireless System

Nothing’s worse than when you get a new game and the real world interrupts: loud roommates, crying babies, pots & pans. Sometimes you just want to scream out, “I have no idea what Paarthurnax just said… you’ve ruined everything!”

The good folks at Astro Gaming know how you feel, and they want to help out. Two lucky winners will win an Astro A40 Wireless System — complete with customizable RAGE & Skyrim speakertags.

Need these headphones to block out that special someone during game time? Read the contest rules after the break…

Sweepstakes Rules

Reader Comments

  1. Fantastic to see Bethesda pushing the blissful audio aspect of Skyrim with excellent headphone gear. I already have ten headphones to indulge in the dreamlike disconnect from environmental distractions so i wont be jumping on this. Besides it wouldnt be fair possibly snatching it away from someone who cant get a hold of even one pair of headphones for whatever reason.

    Best wishes to all who enter and may those who dont win be guided to a just as enjoyable alternative.

  2. I’m really crossing my fingers for this. I love Bethesda Studios. This is an awesome giveaway/sweepstakes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. And alas, this competition is pointless to me since I live in Australia…
    Can you guys please (Pwetty Pwease :3) run a comp for some of your Aussie fans. Cheers.

  4. Dear Bethesda,

    I am a little disappointed that the PC Collector edition doesn’t include the Skyrim notebook from the XBOX. Will you add this item to a merchandise shop? Can I buy this notebook anywhere without the XBOX DVD?