Work on id’s next big thing!

id Software has a well-storied past, and now you can be part of their future. Like Arkane, the Dallas-based studios is ramping up with more than a dozen positions — including Environment Concept Artist, Physics & Simulation Programmer, and Design Director. Applications for the team can be submitted at

And speaking of the id team, if you haven’t watched it already, check out our interview and PAX panel (embedded above) featuring id’s art director, Hugo Martin.

Reader Comments

  1. Please know that it’s quite difficult and tedious to apply for positions through your job application portal “Taleo”. You might lose some quality candidates because of it. Perhaps updating it so that it’s more modern and user-friendly might be something to consider.

    Just trying to help. :)

  2. I can’t wait to see the megatextures in their next release… after a 1-2 second wait, as I pan around… Then, as I attempt to walk up to a structure, only to find it’s not accessible, due to a 2 foot metal railing, which is missing its texture, and find that the structure is just set-dressing, and then look on a awe at the massive outside environment, only to discover that about 5% of it can actually be visited, and that you’re basically in a trench on rails with super-limited paths…. Let’s call it TECH6 for the WIN!!!!