Fantastical Feats of Fans

The internet is a wonderful and creative oasis (when looking in the right places). We are feeling inspired by all the artwork we’ve seen or that’s been shared with us and decided to post it to share with everyone! Thank you to all the imaginative minds that designed the illustrations below.

Creative Edge Studios with Valentine Cosplay

We encourage you to send your artwork to or @BethBlog on Twitter.

Reader Comments

  1. So my only earnest question for yoy guys is, Do you honestly think that people don’t see that you bought out rights to the Fallout franchise to monopolize the MMO, RPG, sector of the gaming industry to eliminate the only competition you had in this genre. Because you knew if Fallout had to compete against the Elder Scrolls V, and the Elder Scrolls Online, that Fallout would have spanked you guys silly. That is why when Interplay tried to liscence back for the rights to an MMO you stripped them of that right to insure Skyrim’s “surprising success” when there was no competition left standing. I’m very surprised you can do whag you did legally ,but I guess that’s what happens when when you do not know how to beat the competition fairly.

  2. So any Fallout Fans hoping for a decent sequel, your out of luck because I can assure they want their Bethesda original Skyrim to be the successful franchise. So Fallout may end up being good , but they will make it a skidmark on the underpants of their Elder Scrolls series already monopolized existence.