Weekend Update: ESO Beta and more!

It’s the weekend, which means we’re in the midst of the latest beta session for The Elder Scrolls Online! If you have a beta code, be sure to join the fun. And if you can’t make it this time around, you can catch up on all the notable gameplay streams throughout the ESO community.

So what else is worth checking out this weekend? Here’s some highlights from the past week…

  • Our friends at Shortlist have put together one of the tougher Fallout 3 quizzes we’ve ever seen. Share with us your high score in the comments below.
  • Pete Hines recently took time to discuss our 2014 lineup — The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein, and The Evil Within — in new interviews with both CVG and 3News.
  • Preparing for The Evil Within this August? A new feature at Gamespot readies you for the return of survival horror with classic games and films that will condition your mind for Shinji Mikami’s newest (and most twisted) game.
  • We’ve got even more previews for Wolfenstein: The New Order — with the latest coming from 411Mania, IGN AU, Gamespot, and Nerd Reactor.

That’s all for now. See you in beta!

Reader Comments

  1. I got a twelve on the Fallout 3 quiz, not too good considering I’ve probably played it for over 200 hours.

  2. I missed out on this beta due to uni work :( Will there be another opportunity to get the monkey pet or will my monkey forever be lost in oblivion? =(

  3. Played ESO.

    The only connection it has to The Elder Scrolls single-player RPG is that it has a few proper nouns from TES universe. That’s about it. Texture quality is unbearable, too. I think my excitement was unjustified.

  4. I got a 16. Kind of surprised though, haven’t played Fallout 3 in several months, but the majority of what was right, I knew by heart.

  5. Look I don ‘t even know if someone at Bethesda may see this but I need to say it. ESO should not have a subscription on consoles. The Xbox/PS4 can only play online with Gold/PS+ while PC players don’t have anything like that. So only make the PC users pay the subscription fee so that it becomes a little more fair. Without a doubt there will be a ton of PC people playing ESO so you’ll still get your money’s worth. If it does go free to play all around I don’t want to see any micro transaction bull! That will just ruin it for me and a lot of other people as well. Trust me you guys will get enough money on sales alone.