Also in May… The Art of Wolfenstein

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to create three incredible art books – “The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order”, “The Art of The Evil Within” and “Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives”. Each hardcover book, packed with art and game design details, will retail for $39.99.

This hardcover collection features full-color artwork and developer commentary from the team at MachineGames. Spanning more than 200pages, the collection covers all facets of the game’s design — concept art, characters designs, landscapes & settings, and technology — all inspired by the MachineGames’ plot twist for 1960’s based Wolfenstein where the Nazi’s won World War II and conquered the globe.

For a first look at “The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order” — available for pre-order at Amazon and the Official Bethesda Store — check out never-before-seen concept art and sample pages in the imgur slideshow below. Additionally, we’ll be sharing new art for the game every week on the official Wolfenstein Facebook & Twitter pages.

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda GStaff/Adminstrators. Will there be a official strategy walkthrough guide book to Wolfenstein: The New Order too? I really hope so because I have all the other strategy walkthrough guide books for the previous Wolfenstein games:

    – WolfenStein 3D & Spear Of Destiny, Return To Castle Wolfenstein PC, Return To Castle WolfenStein: Tides Of War XBOX & WolfenStein.

    And now I only miss 1 official strategy walkthrough guide book left and that is for WolfenStein: The New Order
    Please share some information about this official strategy walkthrough guide book. I’ll definitely gonna pre-order a lot when the strategy walkthrough guide for WolfenStein: The New Order comes out!

  2. Yes i have the same question as Sean. Will there be a collectors edition? If the answer is YES then im gonna buy it 100%
    And of course i want to know the price.

    Greetings from Slovenia :)

  3. Hi again Bethesda/Gstaff.

    Why are you guys breaking an almost 22 year old tradition??!! This game must get a official walkthrough Strategy Guide Book too! I know must of the WolfenStein FPS Series fans will agree with me on this!!

  4. Fantastic looking WOLFENSTEIN THE NEW ORDER art book. Its always great to see these extra touches that help people appreciate the level of beauty in these games. I can only imagine how spine chilling the THE ART OF THE EVIL WITHIN book is.

    Thanks 😀