ESO: Crafting “Ask Us Anything”

The ESO team answers your questions and delves deeper into the art of crafting. Here’s some of what you can expect from this week’s article, “Ask Us Anything: Crafting“.

How will crafted gear compare to dungeon loot and PvP rewards? I hope the crafting system won’t be there just to do something when you’re bored, but that it will contribute to the economic health of the game.

Crafted gear of the same level and same quality as gear found in the world is almost always better. For instance, if you find a level 22 sword of fine quality, but your friend crafts a level 22 sword of fine quality, the damage done by the crafted sword is going to be slightly better. However, some of the gear you find in the world will have unique enchantments or set bonuses crafters cannot replicate. Still, a crafter might be able to take that dropped item and make it even better while retaining the unique enchantment.

Reader Comments

  1. Just received another Beta Invite where it says “For this special beta event only, we’re unlocking the benefits of the Imperial Edition and the Explorer’s Pack for you to test and enjoy.” This beta is clearly nothing more than an incentive to buy the special edition of ESO. Drug dealers use this same method of “advertising”.

    I think locking up on of the primary races of TES series unless you buy a special edition of the game is an underhanded move. I was tempted to get this game on release but after playing one beta, reading the articles here, and watching things unfold as they have, I won’t touch it. I sincerely hope that real TES team drops this ESO thing and backs away slowly.

    • I agree 100%. There were already enough reasons that I was hesitant to play, but the “race behind the paywall” along with this tactic has put me off completely.

      I’m so very disappointed – in the game – in the company.

      The thing is, they won’t listen unless the entire community speaks up.

    • Come on, you’re comparing a video games company to drug dealers? Of course they want to sell it – it’s a video game! They still use beta sessions for feedback, alongside the advertising.