Fallout: New Vegas Mod Interview – Otellino & CNC

We have the pleasure of meeting up with Otellino (Thomas David Mitchell) and CNC (Christopher Newton-Clare) to discuss their Fallout: New Vegas mod, “For the Enclave!” Not only does the mod add The Enclave as a joinable faction, but it also consists of several main and side quests as well as random encounters. The attention to detail makes “For the Enclave” a worthy addition to the New Vegas Wasteland.

When not working on mods, Otellino is a student at Abertay University in Dundee (Scotland) to study Game Design and Production Management. CNC hails from Southwest England where he is in IT Support and Care Work. They took the time to give us a breakdown of the hardwork and rewarding experience that went in to making such an expansive mod.

What encouraged you to become involved in creating a mod for Fallout: New Vegas?

Otellino: I’ve enjoyed modding games for quite a while, but I found Fallout’s setting to be fantastic. I love its retro-yet-sci fi setting. It accommodates all sorts of different mod ideas and is just all-around fun and interesting.

CNC: I loved the game with its rich lore and detail to it. Fallout has become my favorite series thanks to New Vegas.

What about the lore involving the Enclave inspired you to include them in New Vegas?

Otellino: I honestly find the Enclave very interesting. The idea of a shadow government and remnant of America’s military is something that I loved and had to build on. Even though the Enclave Oil Rig was destroyed in Fallout 2, the existence of Raven Rock in Fallout 3 served as a basis that other Enclave outposts may exist, and so the mod hopefully blend in well with the game’s setting.

CNC: Many people find it interesting and cool to effectively play as the “bad guys”. They have been in Fallout 2 and 3 ,while in 3 you can help them out you still couldn’t be with them. Plus, after seeing the original Enclave power armor brought back a mod had to be made (after I stopped kissing and hugging the monitor of course).

What part of the process did you enjoy the most? The least?

Otellino: I think my favorite part of the process would be a tie between the level design and creating the AI packages for NPC’s. Like CNC, I thought it was fun planning all the layouts and just building interiors. And as for AI, it’s satisfying watching the NPC’s you’ve created essentially coming alive and interacting with each other. Least favorite, well… let’s just say that the amount of times I wrote a script that compiled but did nothing was… I must have set some world record or something!

CNC: My favorite part was the area design. It is fun planning room layouts and what goes where but when it gets to hand placing each pencil and worrying over to little details it gets tedious. Plus Nav Mesh… that… that still brings back nightmares.

How long did it take you and your team to create “For The Enclave”?

Otellino: Well, in all honesty CNC originally started the mod as I was working on a vault mod for New Vegas. Unfortunately I lost that file during production due to a computer crash, but CNC let me join early on in production of For The Enclave. From start to finish, with breaks in between, it’s been around 3 years. Unfortunately around half way through CNC became extremely busy with work, but he still remained on offering a lot of support and giving ideas wherever possible.

What do you hope other Fallout fans take from the experience of playing your mod?

Otellino: First and foremost I just want them to have fun. My favorite kind of mods have always been quest mods, and I hope those who play For the Enclave get the same level of enjoyment I have gotten out of various other quest mods.

CNC: I suppose for them to enjoy being able to play as the “bad guys” and for them to see the Enclave in hopefully a more badass and considerably less ‘Stormtroopery’ light.

Are you working on any other Fallout mods?

We’re both tinkering with a few ideas for individual projects; both for Fallout and Skyrim, but neither of us have anything concrete yet. We both have a similar mindset – we’d rather not say anything until we know it’ll happen.

Do you have any advice for those that wish to become involved in modding?

Otellino: Just go for it. Some of the first mod-like content I ever made was some maps and mini changes to Relic’s Company of Heroes 1 and Petroglyph’s Star Wars: Empire at War, but the first game I seriously went in to try and mod was Oblivion, and the second I opened the editor, I had no clue what I was looking at. Even less when I started looking around… just mess around and eventually things will start making sense. That, and there’s an amazing community out there with incredible tutorials that can help anyone get going!

CNC: An important thing is to not get carried away and take on more than you can handle. That, and try to keep another hobby because otherwise it’s very easy to burn yourself out.

What other mods or modders do you think are cool?

Otellino: I think what Thaiauxn and his team are doing with Project Brazil for New Vegas is absolutely amazing. It is a massive undertaking and it’s looking incredible, and wish them all the very best.

CNC: Everything made by Someguy2000 (New Vegas Bounties and Russell Companion etc…) honestly they are amazing. That and Antistar’s Weapon Mods Expanded because every weapon can be that little more personalized.

Anything else you would like to share?

Otellino: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone. Reception of For The Enclave has been unbelievable and CNC and I honestly could not have possibly asked for anything better. We honestly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

CNC: I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the community. I’m also really looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online. I also hope that Obsidian in the future get a crack at another spin-off with Fallout.

Thank you so much to Otellino and CNC for taking the time to answer our questions! You can find and download “For the Enclave” on Nexus.

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  1. Dang, that mod, along with the others mentioned, look fantastic! If one mod’s their PS3 could they download and play these mods? Or should I breakdown and buy a computer?