On the Storefront: Heavy Metals

Liven up your living room with a limited edition aluminum print available on our store. If you are missing the beautiful landscape of Skyrim, why not add the Realm of the Dragonborn to your wall. Or maybe you like your landscapes a little grittier. We have your back with the Fallout 3-themed Wasteland metal print.

Speaking of “having backs”… nothing is more comfortable to settle into after patrolling the Wasteland and taking off that power armor than the Brotherhoodie of Steel.  Feeling more Imperial of Skyrim in the winter climates? We also have the Elemental Imperial Frostbite Hoodie — now available for pre-order.

Now that you’re warmer in your hoodie and as we head into winter sports season, grab one of our snowboards. Free shipping will be available until Monday, November 25th for US residents. Available styles include:


On the Storefront: Get your Bobblehead Display Ready!

Do you find yourself out of breath while performing regular activities? Are your engineering skills not what they used to be? Finding you can’t fire your laser rifle with as much precision as you used to? Well never fear, your set of Vault-Tec Bobbleheads from GamingHeads are here. These are available as a set or individually. Series One Bobbleheads available:

  • Endurance
  • Energy Weapons
  • Lock Pick
  • Melee Weapons
  • Perception
  • Repair
  • Strength

Purchase individually or as set at GamingHeads.com

Purchase individually or in sets on the official Bethesda Store.

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PC Gamer explores ESO

It’s getting to be the time of year where everyone focuses on what titles are coming out around the holiday season. PC Gamer (US) has placed The Elder Scrolls Online on the front of their Holiday 2013 issue! In addition to gracing the cover, PC Gamer has a nine-screenshot filled pages article going into detailing their exploration of the Khajiit homeland, Elsweyr.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy on newsstands now!

On the Storefront: Vault-Tec Bobbleheads! (Updated)

Update: We are currently sold out of Bobbleheads, but check back! We’ll be restocking them in December and will be sure to let everyone know.

We’re giving you a head start to up those Skills and advance what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Vault-Tec Bobbleheads have come to the store and are available for you to pre-order now. They’re sure to look great on any shelf or bobblehead stand.

Order one (or both!) at store.bethsoft.com to guarantee you have one before they are Out of Stock in 2277*.

*Could be earlier than that…

Extra Life and the Office

November 2nd marks the return of the Extra Life, the charity event that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Players from all over the world play games for a span of 24 hours to help sick children. Those who are not as skilled with a controller or mouse and keyboard may donate to teams and players to benefit the cause.

A handful of players came from our offices last year to create the team, Children of Akatosh. They earned $2985 in donations out of a goal of $2000. This year they’re back, with a few more eager players and a donation goal of $3000. They want you to tell them what to play and how to play it! I spoke with the team captain, Joe Mueller about what Extra-Life means to him and his team.

What inspired you to get involved with Extra-Life.org?

Well last year our coworker at ZOS, Meg Steckler, asked if a few of us would be interested, so I definitely wanted to make sure we kept it going this year. It’s such a great cause, and we live in a time where you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know another suffering or had suffered from cancer. I’ve had both friends who’ve managed to survive their childhood cancer and friends who’ve lost that battle, so why not do something simple when you have the capability?

How did you and your team select the titles they will play?

We are a team, but a lot of us select based on our own personal interests. I like to split my time up between Multiplayer and sharing the marathon experience during the core hours, and then Single player titles when it gets to that zombie-mindset of 4am-7am.

What’s the trick to staying up 24 hours playing games?

Dragon’s blood? I don’t know, as I tend to get in to the zone with these things. Honestly, the broadcasting helps a lot. I have hourly goals to shout on social media so the time goals usually keeps me moving forward. There will also be a series of favorite foods: Breakfast burritos, pizza, tikka masala, pub mixes, etc.

What are you and your team most looking forward to in staying up all night? And what are you least looking forward to?

I think we are getting excited just to see all of the support so far. We’re already in the top 100 teams, and we have raised over $2000 dollars. It’s exciting to just be in a Vent chat together sharing our crazy gaming experiences while watching folks “like”, “share”, or donate to the cause. As far as what are we not looking forward to? Waking up Monday. That’s going to hurt, physically and emotionally.

What advice would you give others that want to be involved with Extra-Life.org?

Do you have $5 to spare, because kids rock and cancers suck. If not, the simple thing of clicking a share button or retweet helps immensely. Best thing for any cause nowadays is for it to trend virally.

Many thanks to Joe for the interview! Anyone interested helping out the Children of Akatosh or just seeing what they’re up to can go to their Extra Life Team Page. Additionally, members will be posting their adventures throughout the night on the Children of Akatosh Blog.

If you would like to get involved with the team here, by either cheering them on, or donating and telling them what to play and how to play it stop on by their team page. We also encourage others to create their own teams and play for your own causes, because who doesn’t want to support kids getting better?

Office Antics: Halloween Edition

It’s Halloween again, and there were several people that came to work dressed in costume — here at our office and across some of our other studios. We hope that you enjoy the group shot of everyone at Bethesda HQ. We had quite the big turn out this year compared to last year. It looks like we need a bigger hallway!

We received a great many photos from id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, and Battlecry Studios.

Finally, we received and saw tons of wonderful Halloween pumpkins and costumes. Here’s an album of some of our favorites!

Thanks to everyone that jumped on the Halloween creativity bandwagon and sent us or shared their pics. Happy Halloween!

Morrowind Mod Interview – Adras

Reddit can be a dangerous or inspiring place. Sometimes you turn up real treasures if you have the right timing. This was the case of us seeing Reddit user, Adras’s Morrowind mod. The project took has taken him seven years and he’s still working on it. Turns out Adras is James Hartley of Traverse City, Michigan and in his day-to-day he works as a Network Technician. We spoke with Adras about the work he did on his mod, Ravenhold Castle, and the work he’s still doing to complete it.

What’s it been like working on Ravenhold Castle?

More than anything, it has been a great learning experience. When I first started out making mods, I didn’t know the first thing about how video games were made or the amount of work that goes into them. It has really given me a great perspective and respect of the people who do it for a living. Modding is a fun and rewarding experience, but it is also a lot of work.

The years of working on Ravenhold Castle has really helped expand my creative thinking skills. While working on the mod, I combined items and room pieces from the existing game to make new interior designs and other structures never before seen in Morrowind. Rather than making new objects that needed to be imported, I opted to be creative with the design and keep the mod entirely dependency-free; meaning that when installing the mod, there will only be one file, rather than many. That helps keep the mod simplistic, yet detailed.

Over the years you’ve put a lot of effort into preserving mod projects for Morrowind, can you talk about that?

Morrowind was the first open-world RPG game I played extensively. Most of my gaming experience before Morrowind was First Person Shooters and console games. The world of Vvardenfell is just so incredibly immersive that, even after 10 years, I can still walk around and see beauty in things that I didn’t notice before. That’s not to say that Oblivion or Skyrim aren’t beautiful – they certainly are – but Morrowind has something special about it. I can walk around Vvardenfell looking at all these strange creatures walking past me and huge mushroom trees off in the distance, and I feel like I am right at home.

Ravenhold Castle wasn’t the first mod I’ve created, but it is the first one that I really put a lot of time and effort into. I have been working on it for over 7 years, and it has become more part of my life than just a simple side project. I’ve put countless hours into it, I’ve had input from friends and family on it, and it has developed and changed over the years as I have. I’ve spent a lot time playing Morrowind over the past 10+ years, so much that it will always have a special place inside me. Through this mod, I’ve had a chance to give something of my own back to the world of Tamriel.
Ravenhold Castle isn’t ready for release yet due to time constraints with work, though I am hoping to be able to get enough work done to release it soon. Originally I was planning on having a entire quest line, but at this point it would only be a housing/town mod.

The interview continues after the break

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