New fan art added

Just added a few more pieces to the fan art section of the blog — including this Skyrim-inspired piece from Richard Falla.

If you’ve got fan art to share — be sure to email it to us at In addition to creations inspired by Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, we’d love to get some contributions for our upcoming games (Brink, Hunted), as well as well as games from id Software (Wolfenstein, RAGE, QUAKE, and DOOM).

Fan-made Mojave Map


Cute isn’t usually the word that comes to mind when I think of Fallout*. And definitely not when I think of Lily from New Vegas. Yet that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this cartoon-styled Mojave Wasteland map. Thanks to sandyklep for sending it to our Bethesda Twitter account. We shared the map with the team at Obsidian and they were really impressed.

If you’ve got a fan creation to share, feel free to send it to us on Twitter, or just shoot us an email at

Happy Halloween – New Vegas style

IMG_0083aa (1).jpg

Halloween’s not until Sunday, but a number of folks at our office got into the spirit early — dressing up on Fallout: New Vegas’ release date as their favorite characters from the game.

From left to right, we’ve got Sam Berstein as Fantastic, Larry Waldman as a King, Ian Rogers as Mr. House,  Joe Mueller (sitting) as a White Glove greeter, Greg Ruddick as President Kimball, Jen Tonon (sitting) as White Glove member, Kurt Weaver as Boone, Christopher Krietz as “Yes Man,” Jason Bergman as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, Andrew Scharf as Benny, Tihana Tresnjak as Cass, and Marisa Lyon as Rex.

More pics after the break… Happy Halloween!

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Team V101 Vaults to 4-0 in TF2 Studio Rumble Tournament


BETHESDA, MD (Softworks News Services) — Team V101 scored six times to defeat the combined forces of NCsoft-Gmork on Thursday night, earning the Bethesda Vault Dwellers another victory in their Team Fortress 2 campaign of game studio conquest.

“It was a pretty tough fight,” said V101 spy/Bethesda artist Nathan Purkeypile of the match, which took place as part of the latest Studio Rumble tournament.

The 6-3 win extends V101’s unbeaten record to 4-0, securing the team a place in the upcoming quarterfinals.

Both teams fielded nine players for an extended battle on capture-the-flag map “ctf_doublecross.” NCsoft-Gmork made a valiant push to score twice in the closing minutes of the match, but Bethesda managed to hold them off as the timer ticked down.

“Their spy checking was pretty intense and their scout was very good,” said Purkeypile, before praising his own squad. “Everyone who played did an awesome job.”

The TF2 Studio Rumble pits several teams from various game developers against each other in a multi-stage tournament. Participating studios include Blizzard, Gearbox, Telltale, Turbine and others. NCsoft-Gmork is comprised of players from four studios: NCsoft, Arena Net, Carbine and Sony Bend.

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