QuakeCon 2014 – Bring on the case mods!

On top of being a gaming paradise, the BYOC can feel like you’re visiting the gaming equivalent of a an auto show — PCs with ridiculous horsepower and monster truck-esque casings. Truly a site to behold.

During last year’s QuakeCon, the Bethesda Underground team talked with contestants competing in Modders-Inc Computer Case Mod Contest. See some of last year’s highlights in the video above.


Interested in competing this year? Modders-Inc is back at it again — with three categories for attendees to compete in:

Case Mod Classic: class consists of any mod that is built from an existing retail or factory PC Case.

Scratch-Build Mod: consists of any mod built from anything other than a PC Case.

id/Bethesda Themed Mod: consists of any mod themed on id Software/Bethesda or any their games.

For more details on the contest, head to www.modders-inc.com.

QuakeCon Trials II: The Revenge

QuakeCon 2014 marks year two of the fan-favorite QuakeCon Trials, a series of daily trials testing the skills of players in games from both Bethesda and id Software – including a chance to go hands on with Shinji Mikami’s upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within.

Participants will compete in six separate trials for a share of prizes, including Bethesda Store gift cards, Quick Draw entries to win cash prizes, additional prizes from our exhibitors and sponsors, and a grand prize of $ 1000.

So, when and where do these feats of strength take place? During QuakeCon Exhibit Hall hours: Thursday July 17th, Friday, July 18th, and Saturday July 19th from 10 AM – 6PM CDT. For specifics on the QuakeCon Trials, read our OFFICIAL RULES and hit the jump below.

Day 1 – Thursday July 17th, 2014 Commander Keen 4: Secrets of the Oracle – Village Level

Scenario: Starting from the Village map, players must play through all three village levels – The Border Village, Slug Village, and The Perilous Pit. Players will be timed with a stop-watch from the point they begin the first level, The Border Village, until the completion flag raises at the conclusion of The Perilous Pit.
Level of Difficulty: Normal difficulty (default)
Controls: Keyboard/mouse only
Rankings: Best scores 1st through 3rd place win. Trials staff will use a stop watch to determine time.
Fallout 3 – Wasteland Survival Guide, Chapter 2 Quest (Mirelurk Lair)

Scenario: Beginning at a pre-set save with locked player configurations from Bethesda, players must complete Moira Brown’s assignment to plant an observer in a spawning pod at the bottom of the Anchorage War Memorial. Players are not required to complete the optional quest related to not killing the Mirelurks. Upon completion of the quest, they must return to Megaton and talk to Moira Brown to complete the quest.
Level of Difficulty: Very Hard
Controls: Keyboard/mouse or Xbox 360 controller
Rankings: Best times (1st through 3rd) using a win. Trials staff will use a stop watch to determine time.
Day 2 – Friday July 18th, 2014 QUAKE – Level E1M5 (Gloom Keep)

Scenario: Players must play through Level E1M5 (Gloom Keep) completing all objectives and doing so in the fastest time possible.
Level of Difficulty: Hard
Controls: Keyboard/mouse only
Rankings: Players must find all 5 ‘Secrets’ and have a 60/60 “Kill” score. Best times (1st through 3rd) win based on the in-game time displayed upon completing the level.
Wolfenstein: The New Order – Chapter 6 (London Nautica)

Scenario: Players will be timed on how quickly they can complete the London Nautica level on Uber difficulty.
Level of Difficulty: Über difficulty
Controls: Keyboard/mouse or a wired Xbox 360 controller.
Rankings: Timer will start at the checkpoint start following the explosion outside the London Nautica and will stop when the player brings Caroline to the helicopter at the end of the chapter. Best times (1st through 3rd) win. Trials staff will use a stop watch to determine time.
Day 3 – Saturday July 19th, 2014 The Evil Within – Pre-Release

Scenario: Using the same playable area from the exhibit hall (to be determined), players must make their way through the entire area as quickly as possible on the game’s “Survival” difficulty level.
Level of Difficulty: ‘Survival’ Difficulty
Controls: Controller (Platform TBD)
Rankings: Best times (1st through 3rd) win. Trials staff will use a stop watch to determine time.
DOOM II – Level 13

Scenario: Players will be timed on how quickly they can get through this level of DOOM II while getting 100% completion for Kills, Items, and Secrets.
Level of Difficulty: Ultra Violent Difficulty
Controls: Keyboard/mouse only
Rankings: Best times (1st through 3rd) win based on the in-game time displayed upon completing the level. Must achieve 100% kill, items, and secret ratio to qualify.

The Elder Scrolls 20th Anniversary: Win a signed copy of TES Anthology

As noted this week, March marks the 20th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls. To help celebrate the affair, we’re doing a contest where three lucky winners will have a chance to win a Todd Howard-signed copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology on PC. To enter, share this #TES20 image from our Bethesda instagram account and let us know via our bethblog@bethsoft.com email address. 

For full details and rules on entering, hit the jump below…

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Win a signed copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology (Updated)

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated! Our winner has been selected and we will post the results as soon as they receive their copy.

Looking for the perfect TES gift for a friend or loved one (or just yourself)? This week we’re giving away a signed copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology — signed by Todd Howard!

How to enter? To start, follow Bethesda Softworks on Instagram and repost our TES Anthology contest image with the hashtag #TESGiveaway. After posting, use Instagram’s  “Copy/Share URL” option to send us your Instagram post and send an email to bethblog@bethsoft.com.

For full contest details, read the sweepstakes rules after the break. Good luck!

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Wikia ‘Thinking Outside the Boxman’ winners announced!

Recently Wikia announced the winners of our “Thinking Outside the Boxman” sweepstakes for the The Evil Within. Based on the 3D model we provided (above), we got some pretty amazing entries.

Below are the Grand Prize winners randomly selected  that will receive an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card and a The Evil Within poster signed by Shinji Mikami.

Additionally, this next group of entries received a signed poster as a runner-up prize.

While not everyone can win, we received plenty of other great submissions — including the entries below.

Thanks to everyone that submitted entries… some truly terrifying images!

Around the Web – Hallow’s Eve edition

With two days until Halloween, we put together some haunting links to check out as you finalize your costume and ready your candy bag.

Starting at Gamespot, there’s a special edition of Skyrim Mods featuring these spooktacular mods:

The scares don’t end with Skyrim. Recently, The Evil Within was featured in Yahoo’s 10 terrifying new horror games list, as well as Technology Tell’s own top 5 horror list.

Related, here’s a final reminder for Wikia’s ‘Thinking Outside of the Boxman’ Halloween Sweepstakes. By sharing your Evil Within-themed fan art or costume, you’ll have a chance to win an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card and a Shinji Mikami-signed poster. To participate, share your submission in the comments section here through 10/31 (read full sweepstakes rules).

Already entered, check out Chinduism’s spot-on Boxman costume below.

 Much better than my effort.

Win a signed poster for The Evil Within

This week on the NVIDIA GeForce Facebook page, fans have an opportunity to win one of seven The Evil Within posters — signed by Shinji Mikami (center, Game Director), Naoki Katakai (right, Art Director), and Masato Kimura (left, Producer) — as part of their 14 Days of GeForce sweepstakes.

In addition to the posters, one lucky winner will receive a MAINGEAR Rush PC powered by a EVGA GeForce GTX 780, while two others will win the GeForce GTX 780 card.

To enter and learn the sweepstakes rules, visit the GeForce Facebook page.