Win an NCR shirt at Planet Fallout


After the first day of PAX, where we gave out thousands of Fallout: New Vegas NCR shirts at our booth, the #1 question I heard at our booth was, “Do you have any NCR shirts left?!?!” Even after returning from the show, I’m haunted by the question. Emails, tweets… even people asking me at dinner.

For folks in the US and Canada, I’ve got good news! Planet Fallout has an easy-to-enter contest on their site for a chance to win one of the coveted shirts. For full details, head here.

A chance to win a Bethesda track jacket (Updated)


At this year’s E3, we handed out Bethesda track jackets as a giveaway at our booth. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and feature logos from Fallout, Hunted, RAGE, and Brink.

They’re also pretty hard to find… but over the weekend, GamesRadar announced they’re giving away two of the jackets. For a chance to win, you best enter today (the contest ends tomorrow). For more details, read the contest rules here.

Update: Sorry for the confusion. It appears many of you think you need to comment on this blog… please follow the rules at GamesRadar.

Meet the Brink sweepstakes winner


You always think when you enter a sweepstakes, “I’m never going to win this thing… but what the heck, I’ll enter my information.” That was the case for John Mogensen, who entered the Brink sweepstakes at Gamestop. Now look at John — he’s got a new 55 inch LED TV (3D-ready, no less), a new game console, and a surround sound setup. And he’s smiling too.

John’s a pretty big Bethesda fan… his achievements in Oblivion look glorious on the new TV.

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Around the web: New interviews for Hunted and Brink

Here’s a quick roundup on new interviews for both Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and Brink.

Yesterday posted a new interview with inXile’s Brian Fargo. Watch the embedded to learn more about Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

For Brink, Creative Director Richard Ham has been busy answering questions this week — with new interviews at HipHopGamerShow, NowGamer (who also have an all-new preview), Skewed & Reviewed, and IfMenHadWings.

If you fancy winning some prizes, IfMenHadWings has a contest to win a Brink poster… visit their site for more details. And on that note, April 15th is the final day to enter GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes. Meanwhile, you’ve got until April 22nd to enter our Twitter/Facebook poster giveaway. Good luck!

Update: Gamasutra’s Chris Remo spent time talking about Hunted with inXile’s Brian Fargo during this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Read the interview here.

Two weeks left to win an LED TV in GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes


Just a reminder that GameStop’s Brink Sweepstakes ends on April 15th. In case you missed it, you’ve got a chance to win:

  • A 55″ LED TV
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Home Entertainment System
  • Choice of a PlayStation3® or Xbox 360@ console

Head to GameStop to enter. The official rules for the sweepstakes can be found here (sorry Mom, the rules say you’re not eligible).

Brink Contest: SMART People Can Win One of 4 Dozen Stylish Posters


Unlike the resource-strapped Ark, we have a lot of spare materials laying around at Bethesda — like stacks and stacks of incredibly slick Brink posters. And unlike the segregated Security and Resistance factions, we’re willing to share.

So here’s the deal: we’re giving away 8 of each of the above posters, for a total of 48 tubes mailed to the doors of Brink fans. All you need to do for a chance to win is enter the contest on either Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Those familiar with our Fallout: New Vegas poster contest — which we’ll have the results of shortly — will know what to do on Twitter. Simply re-tweet the official contest announcement on @BrinkGame for a chance to win 30 of the posters.

On Facebook, we’re giving you more of a preference. We’ll be posting one new poster image per day over the next six days. Just go to and “Like” one of the six poster images to be entered to win that poster. Of course, if you like them all, you’ll certainly have a better chance to win.

Click through for the official contest rules. Good luck!

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Around the web: Phobos Anomaly


A few important reminders to kick off this roundup:

1. You can still win a big TV, game console and sound system on GameStop courtesy of Brink.

2. Phobos is not, in fact, populated by cyberdemons. Yet.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the cool links. Fallout fans should be sure to check out the last one.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen anything else out there that’s worth a look.