More News on Fallout 3

Kotaku has posted a list of facts that Michael Fahey gleaned from the Q&A session and from the demo that weren’t included in his original writeup. And if you missed any of his other posts about the Fallout event, Kotaku has summed them all up here.

RPG Vault’s Richard Aihoshi shares his positive reactions after seeing the game at our event.

“Scooter” Nguyen has a four page preview for Gamespy that touches on most of the areas shown within the demonstration for the game.

Our German readers may be interested to know there’s a brief teaser article up at PC Action related to their upcoming cover story.

After a brief false start, Game Revolution has posted their thoughts on the Fallout 3 demo.

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Fallout 3 First Looks

Happy Sunday everyone. Since more of these will probably continue to pop-up I’m just going to add new ones to the bottom of the list as they come in.

Rainier over at Worthplaying dropped me a note to let me know their preview of Fallout 3 is up, which includes five screens and some thoughts on their first look at Fallout 3.

Joystiq also has up their first look, as well as additional details in handy bullet point form, suitable for framing.

Gamespot has a hefty two-page preview up over on their site.

Wenn Sie Deutschen lesen können, hat ihre Vorbetrachtung des radioaktiven Niederschlags 3 oben. PC Action will have a cover story on Fallout 3 in their next issue, which is out July 20. Wundervoll!

Kris Graft over at has a lengthy preview up that talks about the game, my alleged sprinkler dance, and a shot of the Bloody Mess cake I had made (I’ll put a separate entry together about that tomorrow).

Hit the jump to see the rest of today’s coverage.

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Sports Talk Radio Discusses Fallout?!?


On KFAN Sports Radio‘s weekly gaming podcast, Video Games Weekly, the hosts discuss Fallout 3 with Game Informer’s Matt Miller (who as you know, wrote the Fallout 3 feature in GI). The podcast also addresses new releases (The Bigs, The Darkness, and my new favorite Pac Man: Championship Ediditon), as well as other topics about the gaming industry. As the podcast comes from their radio broadcast, the hosts also address questions from the audience.

My favorite moment is their sound bite of one of my favorite (and most hilarious) lines of dialogue from any game ever. Also, it sounds like Matt Miller would have been pretty envious of me, since I got to screen Transformers last night.

Pretty cool show with enjoyable hosts to listen to. Check out the podcast here

Inside the Vault: Meet Emil Pagliarulo


The first of a series, Inside the Vault, we have a Q&A with Emil Pagliarulo, the lead designer of Fallout 3. I asked if he would answer some fan questions from the forums, he kindly obliged.

What is your favorite type of game to play (RTS,FPS,RPG etc)

Honestly, I’m the Peter Petrelli of gaming. I absorb whatever games are in close proximity. I don’t discriminate. Here’s what I’m currently playing on PC: “Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened,” ARMA, Neverwinter Nights 2, Lord of the Rings Online, the Avernum IV demo, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. On the Xbox 360, I’m playing Spider-Man 3, Command and Conquer, the Halo 3 beta, Guitar Hero 2, and some Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the new downloadable heroes. On PS2, it’s Guitar Hero 1 and Thrillville with my kids. Zelda and Warioware on the Wii. If I had a PS3, I’d be playing Resistance: Fall of Man.

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Post-Nuclear Racing


Don’t worry, it’s not a spin off title we’re working on. The Beamer you’re looking at was designed by lead producer Gavin Carter using the addictive customization tools included with Forza 2. Initally Gavin designed a blue Audi, but decided on the 1997 BMW M3 E36. The design work took about 20 hours of effort, but it looks like all the effort really paid off.

Gavin isn’t the only one designing cars. Tim Lamb created a Vault-Tec Mini Cooper. Feeling a bit competitive after seeing Gavin’ later model, he said he’ll be working on a new design soon. Hopefully something with a little more horsepower.

If you’re out there and have a Forza 2 design that can compete with these, send them to us.

To view more screens of Gavin’s ride, as well as Tim’s Mini, view the rest of the story.

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