IGN offices: No one ever enters, no one ever leaves


This week we got a note from David Clayman, Executive Editor at IGN, who shared with us plenty of pics of their conference room, which is now a real-life tribute to Vault 101. Below David explains the transformation that took place.

“The conference room was completed by Me, Erik Brudvig, Kevin Janiak, and Peer Schneider. There are a few details that don’t show up that well on camera like the pile of bobby pin lock picks, a fake blood pack, Lincoln’s repeating rifle, and many scattered bottle caps. Also, I personally sewed the extra star on that flag.”

David also mentioned the jukebox plays music from Fallout 3. Pretty sweet, though I’m going to have to re-think my bedroom re-modeling plans. Maybe I’ll rebuild Kvatch instead.

More pics after the break…

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Around the Web II: XBLA Edition

The holiday weekend is over, the calm before the storm ended. Hell on Earth has arrived, and E3 hasn’t even begun.

Yes, DOOM II was released from its demonic portal on XBLA this week, packing in a brand-new campaign and co-op/multiplayer support. Reviews rolled in from Digital Chumps, GamersDailyNews, AngryBananas, CapsuleComputers, 360sync, GamersWithCasts, GoFanboy, Bitmob, NxtGamer, Original Gamer, Bitmob, XXLGaming, GamerDad, XXLGaming, and VGRevolution. Give ’em a read, or just get fragging — either way.

MSN determined the top 50 video games of all time, and luckily we made the list three times with Oblivion, DOOM and Fallout 3. A similar top-50 list from Empire Online examines the best characters of gaming, including Vault Boy. Alucard made it too. He was great in Castlevania III.

In Fallout news, ScrewAttack presented the Top 10 Reasons Why Fallout New Vegas Will Rule. Chris Williams’ essay on retro settings in gaming, “You Say Apocalypse, I Say Retro-chic,” includes a hefty amount of Fallout 3 discussion.

Finally, we’ve got four previews (one for each of our  games heading to our E3 booth): PlayStation Lifestyle checks out Brink, Atomic Gamer gets down with RAGE, Resume Play reports on Fallout: New Vegas, and OXM explores Hunted.

Less than two weeks to go. Hang on.

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This Fallout 3 laser pistol is made entirely out of paper


Papercraft is really getting out of control. I fear the day that paper finally takes the place of real objects. Like, I’ll be walking to work and realize my shoes are paper shoes. I’ll sit down and say good morning to Matt and his face will come unglued. The walls will fold over and collapse into a pile of colored construction paper, and Todd Howard will emerge from the heap holding an empty bottle of glue, tears in his eyes.

That impressive Fallout 3 laser pistol up there is from Matt Milam of Firebrand Creations. Unfortunately it doesn’t fire paper lasers — yet.

Upcoming titles nominated for Golden Joysticks


This week, longlist voting for the the 28th Annual Golden Joystick awards commenced — with several of our games receiving nominations.

In the ‘One to Watch’ category, three of our titles — Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, and RAGE are nominated. Additionally the team behind Brink, Splash Damage, are up for UK Developer of the Year.

At last year’s awards, Fallout 3 ended up taking the Ultimate Game of the Year award. This year, Fallout: GOTY edition receives nominations for Best RPG and Ultimate Game of the Year (again!).

Longlist voting runs between now and May 27th… head to the homepage for the Golden Joysticks for more details.

Official Bethesda Store Officially Restored


To: Bethesda fans

From: The Desk of Bethesda J. Softworks

Dear Friends,

After several weeks spent in the shop, I am happy to announce that the online Bethesda store has been returned to its former glory.

Most notably, the Oblivion DLC aisle is now fully operational, offering the complete selection of digital content for worldwide consumption.

Please note that the DLC store only includes content for the PC platform. There are no refunds on digital content purchased on this site. All sales are final. This content will not be compatible with versions of Oblivion downloaded from Steam.

As always, North Americans looking for a copy of anything from Fallout 3 to Breeders’ Cup can still order games directly from us.

We hope to soon see you back in the store, buying video games and sampling the latest digital wares. Just don’t steal anything while we’re asleep.


Around the web


With most of our department out on travel this week, Nick and I will be heading out in a few. But before we go, here’s some the latest we’ve seen around the web.

Brink Creative Director Richard Ham has been pretty busy with interviews as of late. This week he answered questions from UK site GamesTM, as well as a few community questions from Australian site Games On Net. Here’s an excerpt from the latter:

Otto-matic: If it is P2P, will you implement a strong localisation mechanism that makes it very unlikely for Australian gamers to suffer lag connecting to a US host?
Richard: On PC, we’re fully supporting a traditional dedicated server system so connections should be fine and dandy. For consoles, we’re peer-to-peer and are definitely focusing on quality of service for all our matchmaking. We’re also keying our matchmaking on friends, so that should help give console players control over the quality of the connections.

More after the break…

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Three Deals for One Blog Post (Updated)


Wanted to let you know about three promotions — two that are ongoing and one that kicks off on Monday.

At Prima Games website, the Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition Official Game Guide (or F3:GOTYEOGG, for short)  is the “Guide of the Week.” As such, you can purchase it for 50% off.

Elsewhere, Gamestop’s Game-Days Sale continues with Fallout 3 on sale for PS3 and 360 for $19.99.

Lastly, between April 12th – April 19th, Direct2Drive will have sales on two of our titles: Fallout 3 (sale price: $14.95) and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth ($4.95). That’s savings of 50% and 83%, respectively.

As new deals emerge, we’ll keep you in the know… have a great weekend.

UPDATE: The Direct2Drive sale has begun — click here for Call of Cthulhu, and here for Fallout 3.