IGN remembers the 2000s

In the past couple weeks, IGN has recounted their top games of the past decade. Within the lists, Oblivion made their top 10 list for 2006 (at #4), while Fallout 3 took the top spot for 2008. In addition to a year-by-year countdown, they also put together their overall top 10 for the decade – naming Fallout 3 to the list at #7.

Head to IGN to read the full list for each year for both movies and games.

Sack Boy visits the Capital Wasteland

As I prepare to watch the season premiere of Lost, I’ve found myself looking at various fan videos, and found this one particularly cool. This video doesn’t come from Fallout 3, rather it’s a user-generated level from Sony’s LittleBigPlanet. In this video, watch as Sack Boy makes his way from Vault 101 to Megaton.

Enjoy, and if there’s a fan video you’ve seen that you think we should be sharing, shoot us an email.

Around the web


This week at USA Today’s Game Hunters, Todd Howard shares his favorites games of the Naughties, Aughties, Oughties, or simply the 2000’s. Already his comments about Gran Turismo 3 have had traction (tires…traction…get it??) with readers. To see the rest of his favs, head here.

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Modding Interview: Cube Experimental’s Dennis Weich


Cube Experimental is one of the more impressive mods you’ll play for Fallout 3. Even more impressive, it was created entirely by one man: Dennis Weich, a member of acclaimed modding group SureAI.

In this week’s modding interview, we had a chance to fire some questions his way on the topic of his labyrinthine Cube, a work that took him 5 months and some 500 scripts to complete.

Can you briefly introduce yourself, Dennis?

I’m 22 years old and come from a town called Starnberg, which is situated on lake Starnberg not far from the Alps and south of lovely Munich, Germany. When I’m not staring at the mountains, I’m a commercial assistant for processing information. And for sure I’ve been a modding enthusiast for the past seven years.

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Todd making (radio) waves again


DJ Todd is at it again. Following an appearance on Kotaku Talk Radio yesterday, Todd was featured this morning in a news story on NPR.

Joshua Brockman’s story, When Pay Means Play: Video Game Jobs on the Rise, is apart of an ongoing series this week on NPR called New Jobs For A New Decade. Featuring Todd and a few others, the story focuses on the growing popularity of games in the United States, and the new jobs coming out of that demand.

Read or listen to the story here.

Fallout 3 cameo found in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel?


Fallout 3 plays a minor role in the animated film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, if an internet tipster is to be believed.

According to one R Wisnewski — who dubiously claims his “kids” saw the PG-rated flick — Fallout 3 is featured “prominently” during one scene. The post-apocalyptic epic is apparently spread across the cover of a digital magazine prop laying within the room of a vidgame-playing rodent.

Our sources are still tracking this one down, so file it under rumor for now. However, it seems entirely plausible to this reporter that small mammals would enjoy reading about Bethesda games. If you’re feeling brave, be sure to let us know if you can confirm.

Around the Web: Post-holiday purging


The trees are coming down, the family has left town, and the big ball will soon be dropping. This probably means that many of you are finally getting some time to enjoy that hot holiday loot. Outside of red picky sweaters, what sorts of stuff did you guys haul in this year?

Of course, since family members can’t often be relied on to buy anything cool, some of you are probably looking to treat yourselves with a little gift card action. Toward that end, UGO recently put up its “Things Every Gamer Should Own” feature. In a teasing gesture, the list’s number one slot was occupied by the unobtainable Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel statue (pictured above). Unfortunately, the editors there have since outfitted the imposing soldier with a dainty fanny pack. Perhaps it’s time for the other brothers to stage a rescue op.

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Vault Boy Baking 101


Last week I posted about my initial attempt at a batch of Vault Boy cookies, knowing full well it would quickly be bested by better bakers. The above image proves me correct.

Snack or Die contributor Jocelyn recently produced her own batch of Fallout-themed confections, improving on the original concept in several ways. Note the expert use of hand-drawn details to fill in the doughboy’s facial features, and the skillful crook of frosting to form the distinguishing thumbs-up pose.

While the challenge is still open to interpretation, less creative students can simply copy from Jocelyn’s notes here.

That’s all for today, class. I expect to see your ash-pile macaroons and Super Mutant turduckens on my desk by tomorrow morning.