Your Fallout: New Vegas launch day stories


Photos of the Irvine launch event courtesy Kate from I Shoot Games

Getting time off from work to play a game can be tricky. Ryan devised a unique, but particularly painful solution to the problem for today’s Fallout: New Vegas launch:

I’m a school bus driver in cold ass Duluth, MN. Time off isn’t given to me very liberally, so unless I have a valid reason, I don’t miss a day. However, this game is something I’ve been looking forward to since its’ February announcement. I had to guarantee myself some time to play it, without anyone being able to ask me to move off of the couch. So, what did I do?… I scheduled all four of my wisdom teeth to be removed tomorrow, and I will have to be off work for five days, recuperating on my couch, and unable to help family or friends with anything at all. It’s time to Fall-Out!

Rodent” had a more direct approach:

I just straight told my boss that I can’t come in on Tuesday because Fallout trumps trolling on the computer. It’s even marked “FNV” on the calendar — but indecently I logged about 80 hours of Fallout 3 just at work so it’s not even an issue.

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New Vegas News: It’s done! Plus PC reqs, and cake


As you may have heard in this week’s episode of The Bethesda Podcast, Fallout: New Vegas is officially finished and off to manufacturing. Congratulations to the team!

In other news, look at that cake. It was presented to New Vegas designer Robert Lee on his birthday, which happened to coincide with the official end of development.

“Complete surprise birthday present from my wife,” says Lee. “I had no clue she was planning this.”

The cake was designed by Christopher Garrens, whose Costa Mesa bakery “Let Them Eat Cake” is regularly featured on WEtv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes. Click here and here for a few more angles.

Also on the podcast, we revealed the PC system requirements for New Vegas. In case you missed it, here they are in chart form:


The Bethesda Podcast Episode 3: Parity Error


It’s all New Vegas, all the time on the third episode of The Bethesda Podcast.

In our first segment we sat down again with Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman for a lightning round of fan questions ahead of the game’s October 19 release — including an update on the PC system requirements from a special guest. Then it’s on to our long talk with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart on all things Fallout.

You can now grab the podcast via any of the following methods:

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Hunted fan interview kicks off


Similar to what we did with Fallout: New Vegas, today we’re kicking off our fan interview for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Send your questions to our Twitter account, Hunted Facebook page, our email address, or simply post a question in the comments section below.

We’ll then pass along the best questions to the team at inXile. Once we have answers to your burning questions, we’ll let you know.

Ask away!

New Vegas Companions revealed on PlayStation Blog


Today on the PlayStation Blog (both in North America and Europe), we’re sharing information on the eight companions that can accompany you in Fallout: New Vegas. As mentioned in previous interviews and coverage, while playing the game, you’ll be able to have one humanoid and one non-humanoid companion at anytime.

Head over to Sony’s blog to meet these handy helpers.

Joel Burgess: A Level a Day Keeps the Docs Away

Bethesda Game Studios lead level designer Joel Burgess offers his thoughts on best documentation practices following an appearance on the “World of Design” panel at last month’s QuakeCon.

QuakeCon was awesome. Among other things, we got an amazing demo of Rage, walked around a BYOC that would make anybody believe in PC gaming, and heard the news that Arkane joined up with Zenimax. Which, believe me, is worth being excited about.

I think our World of Design panel went well, but I had a feeling that one of my remarks might raise some eyebrows. Sure enough, the next morning I had an email waiting for me from an astute SMU student, asking me to explain my thoughts on documentation for level design.

During the Q&A session, I advocated just getting into the editor and going after ideas rather than spending much time planning. This is looked upon poorly by some designers, and actively discouraged in a lot of school curricula. SMU students, specifically, write up an abstract and an LDD (level design document) before beginning work on a level. So why would I suggest this isn’t the best way to go?

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New Hunted footage and interview from Inside Gaming

If you couldn’t make it down to PAX to catch our presentation of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, no problem — we’ll be hunting down the latest coverage of the game in short order.

To kick things off, the folks over at’s Inside Gaming have a full interview with Hunted director Maxx Kaufman, along with plenty of gameplay footage to accompany. Check it out above.

Introducing The Bethesda Podcast


As we announced in yesterday’s In The ‘Works, the latest project to emerge from the Bethesda Community Labs is now available: download the pilot episode of the Bethesda Podcast today.

With a blend of studio news and casual discussion, the Bethesda Podcast will offer an inside look at a wide range of subjects. Our first episode kicks off with a quick update on Fallout: New Vegas from senior producer Jason Bergman, including a sampling of the game’s unique soundtrack. Then it’s on to a lengthy talk with Bethesda’s Todd Howard and id Software’s Tim Willits on a number of topics, including QuakeCon, post-apocalyptic games, and what the two studios are working on.

Head over to the podcast page to stream or download the ‘cast, and hit the RSS feed to subscribe. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.