New gameplay video, multiplayer details, and more for RAGE

Following roundups for Skyrim and Brink, Mr. Breckon has handed off the BFG baton to me. Up first, I’ve got you covered on the latest news for RAGE — with Hunted and Prey 2 just around the bend.

On top of announcing the game’s Anarchy Edition (available now with your pre-order of the game), today we released a breathtaking, five-minute gameplay video showcasing Dead City. Watch it above, and then check out the these sites for new previews, screenshots, and interviews:

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Latest Brink gameplay video showcase Abilities

After previously showing off Brink’s guns and classes, the latest gameplay trailer is all about player abilities. Titled Ready and Able, the video shows off several of the many skills you can purchase for your character, mixed in with plenty of exciting in-game action. There are over 50 unlockable abilities in the game, offering up many different ways for you to specialise your character and build one that’s perfect for your preferred playing style.

Watch the video above or check it out on our official site for Brink.

New Brink gameplay video

A brand-new Brink gameplay clip is up, offering a glimpse at the game’s classes and how they work together on the battlefield. Titled “A Matter of Class”, the trailer also shows off this year’s playable PAX East centerpiece Security Tower along with a few other of the Ark’s districts.

If you missed it a couple of weeks ago, don’t forget to check out the Choir of Guns trailer, too.

Brink releases on May 17th in North America and May 20th in Europe. That’s less than two months away! For more details on the game, visit

Watch clips from tonight’s X-Play special

Did you miss the debut of X-Play’s Fallout: New Vegas Special? Whether you were preparing for Monday Night Football or fighting through rush hour traffic, we’ve got you covered. put all six segments up on their website, and just for YOU, we’ve got them here on the blog.

In the video above, Chris Avellone discusses New Vegas’ story with Morgan Webb. And after the break, check out the other five videos –  covering the game’s Setting, Features, Art, Weapons, and Characters.

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G4TV goes Beyond the Beef; New Vegas Special on X-Play Tonight

Today on, you can check out an exclusive gameplay walkthrough of one of New Vegas’ quests, Beyond the Beef. Watch the video as Obsidian designer Eric Fenstermaker joins X-Play’s Morgan Webb to walk you through the questline.

As the game gives plenty of details on the questline, be warned that the video contains some spoilers.

Update: Also, be sure to tune into G4TV tonight at 6:30 EST (check local listings for the time in your area) — X-Play is premiering a half-hour special for Fallout: New Vegas. And if you miss it, we’ll be sure to put the footage up on the blog.

Brink Developer Diary #1 — The Last Stand

We’ve just released Brink’s first video developer diary, “The Last Stand,” and have made it available to watch both on our YouTube Channel. Go behind the scenes with the team at Splash Damage as they discuss the war-torn setting of the Ark and the factions vying for control of it.

For more information on Brink, visit the game’s official site.

Learn about the Brotherhood of Steel in New Vegas on GameTrailers TV

On this week’s GameTrailers TV on SPIKE, you’ll have a chance to get a new look at Fallout: New Vegas — including how the Brotherhood of Steel play into the equation.

The show airs at 12:30 AM EST Friday night (check your local listings for more details) after MANswers.  So actually, you’ll be watching the show Saturday morning at 12:30 AM.

New Vegas Gameplay footage at IGN!


Happy Friday… especially for those looking for new details on Fallout: New Vegas!

Just a little bit ago, IGN released an exclusive first look at gameplay footage. Watch it here or after the break below. Elsewhere, Xbox 360 Achievements has a new interview up with Project Director Josh Sawyer, while Front Towards Gamer Radio interviews Senior Producer Larry Liberty in a recent podcast.

Also worth checking out, Planet Fallout received a New Vegas-themed makeover today. Check out their New Vegas page (which you can contribute to), and be on the lookout for new stuff in the coming months.

And remember, E3 is right around the corner, so we’ll have plenty more to share on New Vegas soon.

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Brink Character Customization Video, and Some Slick Posters

Want to get a look at just how deep the character customization is for Brink? Splash Damage director Paul Wedgwood gives us a taste in the above walkthrough video, now available to view in HD on the Bethesda YouTube Channel.

The new clothing-centric clip was also sent to several sites via mail, with some snazzy posters and unique packaging to accompany it. Many of them have since shared shots of the various accoutrements, including Kotaku, Crave OnlineVG247, Destructoid, Major Nelson, Xbox 360 Achievements, TechlandGamingOnly, GameBlog.Fr and PS3trophies. If you’ve seen others, let us know.

And if you’re in Europe and looking for hands-on coverage of Brink, Splash Damage put together the following list of magazines featuring the game this month:

  • PC Zone
  • Play3
  • PC Jeux
  • Joystick
  • Xbox 360 – The Official Magazine
  • PlayStation – Official Magazine
  • PC Action
  • Power Unlimited
  • Hobbyconsolas

Plenty more Brink info is on the way soon, so stay on the alert — like this guy.


Around the Web: More Brink previews


Coverage of the recent Brink blast is still coming in, with OXM UK, Britxbox and Games.on all publishing previews of the Splash Damage shooter.

If you’re still not sure what to make of this Brink game, don’t forget to check out the bevy of new gameplay videos. G4′s Adam Sessler was “pleasantly surprised” after viewing them, reporting: “It wasn’t until we received the videos that I fully appreciated how ambitious [Brink] is with campaign-based multiplayer.”

Sarcastic Gamer took a look at the art of the Ark, highlighting Brink concepts in the first SG Artview. The site is also collecting questions that it plans to pose to Brink developers, so head over to the SG forums to suggest a few.

In listy news, the Fallout 3 DLC expansions have been nominated for’s Inside Gaming Awards 2009. Speaking to that content, Telegraph named Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition as one of the top 10 time-stealing games of 2009. Platform Nation also included Brink in its list of “10 Original IPs for 2010.”

Lastly, GameSpot spoke to Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo for its examination of moral quandaries in video games. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“I think players simply get tired of experiencing the same things over and over and over in games. Frankly, it gets boring. When morality’s involved, the simple act of shooting a bad guy isn’t so simple anymore.”

As more news hits the interwebs, we’ll keep you posted.