Official Bethesda Store Officially Restored


To: Bethesda fans

From: The Desk of Bethesda J. Softworks

Dear Friends,

After several weeks spent in the shop, I am happy to announce that the online Bethesda store has been returned to its former glory.

Most notably, the Oblivion DLC aisle is now fully operational, offering the complete selection of digital content for worldwide consumption.

Please note that the DLC store only includes content for the PC platform. There are no refunds on digital content purchased on this site. All sales are final. This content will not be compatible with versions of Oblivion downloaded from Steam.

As always, North Americans looking for a copy of anything from Fallout 3 to Breeders’ Cup can still order games directly from us.

We hope to soon see you back in the store, buying video games and sampling the latest digital wares. Just don’t steal anything while we’re asleep.


Elder Scrolls modding interview: Darkrder


We return this week with a new Elder Scrolls Modding Interview — this time with Nicholas “Cole” MacLean, or simply Darkrder, who manages the website TES Alliance. A writer by trade, Darkrder happens to be married to a member of the Bethesda forums, Ladyflcn, who helped him work on Temple of Five Lanterns — released last December. The couple live in St. Louis and are expecting their first child this coming Halloween.

How did you get involved with the Elder Scrolls modding community?

I joined the Elder Scrolls modding community completely by chance actually. I originally only played Oblivion on the Xbox 360 console. After some time in game, I noticed a lot of NPC chatter about dogs and owning dogs (of all things to notice) and I wondered if a canine companion was some element of the game I had just missed or overlooked. So originally, I was just looking for a walkthrough or cheat guide that might tell me if that was possible. In a Google search I came up with a download link for a mod called Cheydinhal Petshop by Proudfoot. As I skimmed the page I saw all these mods that were free and it was some pretty cool stuff. I found this community of regular jacks making game content to expand Oblivion on PC and I was fascinated.

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New Fan Art


We’ve uploaded new fan art to the blog this week. The Xivilai contribution above comes from Rosangela Ludovico (aka Rosy Crystal/dubiousdisc). Here’s a brief description of the piece, as written on her deviantART page:

“This is also the piece I’ve worked the absolute longest on, something like 48 hours. The drawing was made using 24 pencils. It was then painted over with watercolor, using watersoluble pencils for some details like the lava and the tattoos. The fireball was made with acrylic paint.”

Thanks for the submission, Rosangela. As always, we encourage you to  share your work with us — whether it’s from The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Brink, or any of our other games. And there will be bonus points for anyone that whips up something involving both The Adoring Fan and Vault Boy.

New Look Nexus


Recently Robin Scott (aka DarkOne), the site admin for TES Nexus and Fallout 3 Nexus, let us know that both sites have received an overhaul. If you head over to either, you’ll notice the front page now is easier to navigate — with helpful links to image galleries, files of the month, forums, hot files, and more. While browsing Fallout 3 Nexus front page, I came across this cool mod, My Mansion Player Home (shown above), by Ez0n3.

Both sites continue to grow in popularity. Robin also informed us that TES Nexus recently added its 20,000th file, while Fallout 3 Nexus is catching up with 8,700 files.

Congrats on the milestones and the new look!

Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame — March Entries


APY at Planet Elder Scrolls has announced the latest Hall of Fame mods. Get these installed…stat!

Oblivion Mods

  • First Person Sitting Perspective Fix by Kirel: Now when you sit down in first-person mode, the camera will follow your movement.
  • Dark Green Glass Armor by Ohanzee: This mod gives a new look to glass armor — featuring a dark green tint.
  • Hoarfrost Castle by Antistar: A new castle mod (pictured above) that features an outstanding view over the Great Forest, the Heartlands, and the Nibenay basin: from Bruma, to Chorrol – to the Imperial City.

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Goodbye TESting, My Old Friend


All good things must come to an end, and that includes TESting Your Knowledge. After posing eleven brain-slaying Elder Scrolls trivia questions to the masses, we have one final puzzle to answer:

Who or what is responsible for killing human tribes in Black Marsh during the Second Era?

Duncan Booker of Vancouver, British Columbia will take home the last signed copy of Greg Keyes’ “The Infernal City” for correctly answering the “Knahaten Flu.” And that’s that.

Our thanks to The Imperial Library for putting this contest together, to Greg Keyes and the Bethesda team for their contributions, and to all the fans that participated. If you enjoyed TESting, be sure to revisit the Bethblog for more contests and trivia in the future.

TESting Your Knowledge XI: Final Exam


It’s been a good run, Elder Scrolls fans, but TESting Your Knowledge is finally coming to a close. After 11 weeks of Google-busting trivia, we have reached the final question.

We asked you about Potentates, and we quizzed you on calendar snakes. You remembered King Wulfhart, and you cursed the Hoonding. Many books were won, and good times were had by most. Now, only one puzzle remains:

11. Who or what is responsible for killing human tribes in Black Marsh during the Second Era?

If you have the answer, you could win our last signed copy of Greg Keyes’ Elder Scrolls novel “The Infernal City.”

Contest rules and instructions on how to enter follow. Good luck!

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TESting Your Knowledge Wrap-up


In our penultimate Elder Scrolls trivia question, we asked you guys to answer the following:

What was the Yokudan name of the first batallion of Redguard soldiers that set foot in Hammerfell?

The answer, as it turns out, is simple. The Yokudan called the Redguards “Ra Gada,” which was eventually corrupted to the present “Redguard.”

Michael Mauro of Lancaster, PA was our big winner. Congrats to him. To the rest: you have one more chance to win on Friday. Make it count.

TESting Your Knowledge Volume X: Yokuda Been A Contender


Welcome back to TESting Your Knowledge, the weekly game show where we test both your knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore and your tolerance for bad puns.

On this week’s episode, we have a real cooker of a question regarding the Redguard:

What was the Yokudan name of the first batallion of Redguard soldiers that set foot in Hammerfell?

If you have the answer, you could win a fabulous signed copy of Greg Keyes’ Elder Scrolls novel “The Infernal City.”

Contest rules and instructions on how to enter follow.

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TESting Wrap-up: Wabbajacks Hunted


Alright. So we may have lost our bet. Somebody out there knew the author of Daggerfall’s “Wabbajack.” In fact, a lot of you did. Okay, almost all of you.

To recap, here’s what we asked last Friday:

In Daggerfall, there is a book titled “Wabbajack” which is a first hand account of the summoning of Sheogorath. Even though it’s credited to “Anonymous,” who wrote it?

Tadd Brooket of Onsted, MI correctly answered Emperor Pelagius Septim III, or “Pelagius the Mad.” The book itself contains a helpful clue: “Then why, or wherefore do people keep calling me mad?”

A copy of “The Infernal City” goes to Tadd. As always, thanks to everyone that entered. The next question will be up on Friday.