#Halloween Takes Hold of Your Entertainment Center


Who says you only need to celebrate all things horror in October. Between now and Friday, you can enter our The Evil Within™ Custom Xbox One Halloween Giveaway Contest for a chance to win a The Evil Within-themed Xbox One console!

There’s two ways to win. On Twitter, follow @bethblog and retweet this post and you might end up winning our “Piercing Eye” custom console. Meanwhile, you simply need to share this Facebook post to have a chance at winning winning the “Asylum”-themed console (shown above).

For both contests, you must be 18 to enter and be a US resident (stay tuned for similar contests in other territories). For the contest’s official rules, visit here.

Bethesda Behind the Scenes – The Evil Within’s Chainsawing Sadist

For this week’s “The Creatures Within”, Adam Sessler sits down with Shinji Mikami and concept artist Ikumi Nakamura to discuss The Evil Within‘s chainsaw-wielding manaic, The Sadist.

Revisit the experiences of Adam Sessler exploring The Evil Within — including last week’s look at The Keeper — by visiting our YouTube channel, or watching the whole series in our playlist below…

The Evil Within’s Music to Our Ears

tew_digital_album-03Does the soundtrack of your life need a little more intensity? Madness? On the heels of last week’s release of The Evil Within, evil can now take hold of your music library.

The Evil Within Original Game Soundtrack features 18 iconic tracks from the game, which is more than enough to build the tension between playthroughs of the game, or add atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Download The Evil Within Soundtrack on iTunes

Bethesda TwitchWorks: Keep On Evilin’

Join us Friday on Twitch as we continue our weeklong celebration of The Evil Within’s launch. This time around, we’ll venture into later areas of the game with Detective Castellanos as we take on the terrifying Haunted and other creatures that await us.

Join us tomorrow at our usual 4pm EDT timeslot on Twitch.tv/Bethesda. Meanwhile, you can catch up on our previous Twitch streams in the YouTube playlist below.

Safe to say this is awesome

In celebration of The Evil Within’s launch, the crazy-awesome statue makers at GamingHeads.com have created an all-new resin statue for the uber challenging and soon-to-be-cosplay star, The Keeper (a.k.a. Boxman). Oh yeah, and as part of the game’s season pass, you’ll actually take control of him.

The statue comes in two varieties — both standing standing 15 inches tall and created by Goran Sadojevich. The standard version, limited to 750 pieces, is the safe way to go if you don’t want to gross out family or coworkers (which you still might do). But if you want to go crazy with it, pre-order the exclusive edition which only has 350 pieces worldwide. In this one, the safe is open and all sorts of nasty are spilling out.

Pre-order your regular edition Keeper statue

Pre-Order the exclusive edition Keeper statue

The Evil Within Launch Day — Reviews & More!

The game is out!! When taking a break from playing The Evil Within, there’s plenty to watch/read/share about the game online!

We start with a *groundbreaking report* from The Onion, who look at how the game’s terrors stack up with real world problems. You. Must. Watch.

Speaking of reporting, early reviews are in! Among the highlights, Game Informer’s Tim Turi scored the game a 9/10, calling it a, “a wonderfully horrifying experience”. For more in-depth thoughts from Game Informer, watch their Test Chamber video below.

Elsewhere, AusGamers honored the game with a perfect score, 10/10 (!!). Here’s an intense snippet from the review:

“Where BioShock Infinite aggressively tugged on heartstrings, The Evil Within tears them from your chest and crucifies you. It strangles you with your own tendrils and feeds you your own beating heart, mouth locked shut and tied with entrails, forcing you to chew and swallow.”

And more reviews below…

IGN (8.7/10) — “The Evil Within is a brutal, challenging, and remarkably fun game.”

Game Informer (9/10) — “A Masterwork of Absolute Insanity”

Gametrailers (9/10) — “Tense pacing, stunning atmosphere, and terrifying enemy encounters come together to create a journey you may never forget.”

The Sixth Axis (8/10) — “The introduction of new weapons and enemies, such as the squid-like Quell and horrendous Devil Dog keeps the pace up during the fifteen or so hours of game time and a couple of difficulty levels mean the game has some replay value.”

We The Nerdy (8/10) — “… The Evil Within managed to win me over through smart design decisions, varied boss fights and gameplay, and its insane unpredictability.”

PlayStation LifeStyle (8/10) – “Playing on Survival difficulty or higher is a true challenge, and you need to make quick decisions about which enemies to take out first, when to run and hide, and which crossbow bolts to make in semi-real time.”

Entertainment Buddha (86/100) – “The Evil Within is a brutal, terrifying game that boasts some of the most impressive atmosphere in video game history.”

Pocket-lint (8/10) – “But the crossbow is the cleverest weapon: you can craft bolts which immobilise zombies by giving them an electric shock or freezing them, or which pack an explosive punch. And you can craft the precise bolts you need.”

MMGN (8/5/10) – “…the well balanced gameplay and unrelenting atmosphere makeThe Evil Within one of the best survival horror games in years for just that: stingy survival and creepy horror.”

GameZone (8/20) – “Much of what makes The Evil Within scary is the environment. From the grainy filter to the eerie ambiance, Tango Gameworks simply nailed it. ”

HardcoreGamer (8/10) – “The Evil Within is a breath of fresh air that deserves to be inhaled by every survival horror fan.”

God is a Geek – “… the art direction is often incredible, helped by the decision to use a letterbox aspect ratio. It’s surprisingly effective and the visual impact is clear. ”

Stevivor (9/10) — “The Evil Within is incredible example of going above and beyond expectations. Living up to hype is always a difficult task and it’s particularly hard in this case because The Evil Within falls somewhere between the categories of a Resident Evil reboot while still remaining to be a completely separate and new IP.”

Need more gameplay? Be sure to check out Giant Bomb’s Quick Look and check out PewDiePie’s Walkthrough #1.