Sneak peek at Prey 2

In the past couple weeks, we’ve kept everyone up to speed on where you can see preview coverage for Prey 2.

In the process, we’ve seen some comments focusing on what’s not in Prey 2. Between now and the game’s release next year, we’ll be sharing plenty of details on what’s in the game. For starters, we encourage you to read previews in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine, and other publications worldwide. And in the coming weeks, you can expect more previews, interviews, etc. online. Once that’s all out there, you’ll know more about what (and who) is in the game, and how it all relates to the original game.

We think you’ll be pretty excited about what Human Head has in store. Until then, we thought we’d share this screenshot and concept piece. Enjoy!

Around the web: Checklist edition

There’s three things you should do this week.

  1. Vote for the the games to be featured next year for the Smithsonian’s ‘Art of Video Games’ exhibit. Among the games (spanning five eras), you can vote for DOOM II, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Deadline: Extended to April 17th
  2. Vote in G4TV’s Game Franchise Deathmatch. Round 2 features Fallout vs. Gears of War and The Elder Scrolls vs. StarCraft. Deadline: Voting ends Friday.
  3. Do your taxes!

With that out of the way, here’s some other stuff you’ll want to check out

  • Inc Gamers has a two part interview with Brink creative director Richard Ham. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is over here.
  • The Sixth Axis learns from Ed Stern how many areas are in Brink (and more).
  • Todd Howard appears in the G4TV special, Gamers Heart Japan. It’s a really nice feature, but if you can’t wait to watch Todd, he’s at the VERY end.
  • PC Gamer explains how Brink starts to make perfect sense once you have time to play it.
  • OXM UK goes hands on with both Brink and Hunted.
  • VG247 looks ahead to our 2011 lineup and also makes predictions about the future.
  • GameDynamo looks forward to Hunted.

Beyond that, don’t forget there’s still time to bid on a Todd Howard-signed deluxe bobblehead, a team-signed Skyrim cover (above), and a Fallout: New Vegas neon sign. 100% of the final sale price will support Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund – a GlobalGiving Project.

Latest Brink gameplay video showcase Abilities

After previously showing off Brink’s guns and classes, the latest gameplay trailer is all about player abilities. Titled Ready and Able, the video shows off several of the many skills you can purchase for your character, mixed in with plenty of exciting in-game action. There are over 50 unlockable abilities in the game, offering up many different ways for you to specialise your character and build one that’s perfect for your preferred playing style.

Watch the video above or check it out on our official site for Brink.

The Bethesda Podcast: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Special


Before we look forward to Skyrim, we first look back to Oblivion.

Last week we marked the fifth anniversary of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s release. In this episode of the podcast, we revisit the game that served as a landmark for Bethesda. Listen as key team members recount their memories of working on the project, followed by a roundtable discussion with Todd Howard and Pete Hines.

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The latest from Europe

It’s the final countdown before the weekend, but before we head out, we’ve got some great info from Europe (no, not the band).

Our colleagues over in London office have shared new magazine covers featuring both RAGE and Prey 2. Included in our Flickr slideshow are RAGE cover stories at Official PlayStation Magazine (Benelux) and GameStar (Germany), as well as Prey 2 features at PSM3 (Australia), Game Reactor (Nordic), and PC Games (Germany). All five cover stories are on newsstands now.

In other overseas news, Brink fans in Europe can watch GameFace tomorrow night at 11 PM for an all-new preview on the game. Check your local listings, but I’m told it’ll be airing on Sky Channel 125, BT Vision Channel 46, Freeview Channel 46, and Virgin Media Channel 139.

Sneak peek: Brink achievements unlocked

Brink is almost here — in fact, we’re nearly a month away from release. For us, that means it’s time to start showing off even more fun stuff, starting today with an early look at the game’s achievements.

The long list can be viewed after the jump. It reveals all sorts of interesting and amusing challenges, along with their corresponding Xbox Gamerscore and PSN trophy rewards. And for our valued PC gamers, we do have Steam achievements in the works — more on those later.

Click through to check out the achievements:

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Now in stock: Shinji Mikami action figures

A new addition to our wares has been released today: the official Shinji Mikami action figure!

The fully-poseable figure of Tango Gameworks’ leader features “real shaving action” and button-activated space-launching. As the description reads: “The one-of-a-kind Shinji Mikami body stands approximately 6.5 inches tall and has over 250 moving parts. His naturally gentle smile contrasts with his grim workplace visage.”

Order yours today!

What’s New in Skyrim

IGN today brings us the latest Skyrim interview with Todd Howard, “The Elder Scrolls Evolved: What’s New in Skyrim.”

Todd discusses many facets of the project, including the game’s story, combat systems, $300 unicorns, and dragons. One of those things may not actually exist. To find out which, give the article a read over at IGN.

Update: Check out a slideshow of new Skyrim screens after the break.

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