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It’s been a busy week: Old World Blues reviews, Skyrim creations you can wear and play, details and screens for Brink DLC, a new Bethesda Podcast, studio tours for Tango & id, and plenty of updates for Dishonored & QuakeCon. So what did I miss? Apparently quite a bit!!

In print, get new details on Skyrim in the latest issue of PSM3 — now on newsstands in the UK. Meanwhile, folks in the US can read GameInformer’s E3 impressions of both Skyrim & RAGE in their August issue.

There’s plenty more to read online, including various features with the folks that make our games great

  • Pete Hines talks Bethesda in a two-part interview (part 1part 2) with Edge. Todd Howard chats with them, too.
  • USA Today interviews John Carmack about RAGE
  • IGN looks back at the early years (before Resident Evil) of Tango’s Shinji Mikami
  • id Software senior producer Jason Kim answers RAGE questions for CVG (part 1, part 2)
  • Kotaku takes a look back at the work of Dishonored’s visual design director, Viktor Antonov

After the break, check out the latest Skyrim coverage…

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QuakeCon 2011: Master Pancake Theater returns

Putting pancake and gut-buster in the same sentence normally means having a breakfast binge at the Original House of Pancakes, but for QuakeCon regulars, it’s a night of uncontrollable laughter. This year, whether you’re a QuakeCon newb or grizzled veteran, don’t miss out on Master Pancake Theater’s performance of Twilight — Friday night at 9:oo pm!

Whether your Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team No Thanks, we assure you it’ll be hilarious. Until then, here’s an interview with two-thirds of your evening entertainment, John Erler and Ben Bartley.

How’d you guys meet?

BEN: I met Joe in 2000 at a ComedySportz Austin audition. I met John in 2002 at the Sinus Show where I filmed the shows. Our first Master Pancake show together was Breakfast Club in 2007. I have been in love with them ever since.

JOHN: I still haven’t met the other guys in the group. We normally just assemble a second before the movie starts playing. Then when it’s over we disappear silently into the night.

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The Bethesda Podcast Episode 11: QuakeCon Special Edition Podcast





Take a trip down memory lane with members of id Software, as they discuss the company’s early years, the magic of QuakeCon, and what fans can expect out of RAGE at this year’s event. Podcast features John Carmack, Tim Willits, Matt Hooper, Marty Stratton, Jonathan Wright, and “id Mom” Donna Jackson.

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AT&T brings the bandwidth to QuakeCon!

This year’s BYOC will be better than ever thanks AT&T’s participation in the event. With more bandwidth than ever streaming and networked gameplay will be better than ever. For more details, check out the press release below…

AT&T Network to Provide Better Gaming Experience, Faster Content Streaming
and Greater Fan Interactivity

July 29, 2011 (Rockville, MD) — id® Software and Bethesda Softworks® are pleased to announce that AT&T is an official sponsor of QuakeCon® 2011, North America’s largest Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) LAN party and gaming festival. AT&T’s network will deliver more than five times the bandwidth ever made available to the event –ensuring the most connected and social QuakeCon ever.

AT&T’s participation provides this year’s attendees with the best possible networked gaming experiences and opens up more possibilities than ever for fans at home to enjoy the event through increased live and on-demand video streams.

“We are absolutely stoked to have AT&T as an official sponsor of this year’s event,” said Todd Hollenshead, president of id Software. “AT&T has impressed us with their enthusiasm for QuakeCon and stepped up with services to improve every aspect of the event. Gamers at QuakeCon and fans participating from home will see and appreciate the difference.”

“AT&T is thrilled to be a part of this year’s BYOC and we’re proud to connect these avid gamers to each other through our greatest asset – our network,” said Greg Skasko, director of AT&T Sponsorships. “By wiring the event with our reliable, U-verse High Speed Internet, we’re ensuring that the focus of the party stays on having fun with those who share the same passion for gaming.”

Upgrading QuakeCon – More bandwidth and a chance to get upgraded to a suite

QuakeCon 2011 is less than a week away, so let’s go over the all-important checklist:

  • Bring extra deodorant It’s hot in Dallas, so you’ll want to upgrade your underarm arsenal.
  • Don’t forget your PC/monitor/keyboard/mouse for BYOC – Get ready for the most connected and social QuakeCon ever. At this year’s show, we’ve partnered with AT&T and are using their U-verse High Speed Network, which will ensure five times the bandwidth ever made available at QuakeCon.
  • Make a reservation at the Hilton Anatole – Even with a case of BAWLs, you’re going to need some sleep. Below are details on booking your room and how your QuakeCon experience could get upgraded!

If you haven’t already booked at the Hilton Anatole, make sure you reserve your room using the QuakeCon room block. If it’s easier, you can simply call 1-800-955-4281 and let them know you’re coming for QuakeCon. For those already planning to stay at the Hilton, make sure you’re registered under the QuakeCon block. You’ll save some cash, and we’ll be upgrading one booking with the following:

  • Reservation will be upgraded to a premium suite for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings (August 4 – August 6)
  • Free QuakeCon Done Quick Registration
  • (2) Invites to our exclusive private party Thursday night
  • Free initial buy-in and two free drinks at the IDG Poker Party
  • Two VIP passes to the Tournament Finals Event & Party

For full information, read the rules below… see you next week!

Sweepstakes Rules/Legal Information

  • Open to all QuakeCon attendees 21 and older who have made a reservation of at least 2 nights between July 30, 2011 – August 6, 2011. Void where prohibited. Promotion ends 9:00 a.m. Thursday, August 4, 2011.
  • id will randomly select the potential winner from amongst all eligible attendees as of 09:00 a.m. Thursday, August 4. The winner will be notified via room call at the Hilton Anatole. The winner must continue to comply with all terms and conditions and winning is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements.
  • Prizing: One (1) Grand Prize: Upgrade to a Premium Suite at the Hilton Anatole on August 4 – 6, Free QuakeCon Done Quick Registration, Two invites to the QuakeCon private party on August 4, free buy-in and two free drinks at the IDG Poker Party, and Two VIP passes to the Tournament Finals Event & Party. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $531. The Prize is non-transferable and no substitution will be made except as provided in Id’s sole discretion. Id reserves the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value. Odds of winning the Prize is dependent on the number of eligible entries during the promotion.
  • Release: Winner must sign the attendee Waiver and Release of Liability prior to accepting Prize. The potential winner may be required to execute and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability/publicity release, and a US tax form W-9, if applicable, within 10 days of receipt of notification.

Brink Title Update Today, DLC Next Week!!

We’re excited to announce the final release date for Brink: Agents of Change. The content will be available this coming Wednesday, August 3rd, on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. As long as you download Agents of Change during the first two weeks it becomes available, you’ll always be able to play it for FREE. If you don’t download in the first two weeks, it’ll cost $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft Points)… so be sure to get it early.

For a refresher on all the new maps, abilities, character outfits, and weapon attachments in Agents of Change, check out our previous post located here.

And after the break, learn about Agents of Change’ achievements and trophies, plus details on the latest title update…

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Review Roundup: Old World Blues

“Rather intriguing, if you don’t mind an old brain for saying so.” - Dr. Mobius

It’s been a little more than a week since the release of Old World Blues, and from the looks of reviews, it seems like everyone’s having a great time with the B-movie, zany fun vibe. Haven’t played it yet? Check out Giant Bomb’s quick look (warning: spoilers) and check out the following reviews…

  • GamePro (4.5/5) — “Put simply, if you own Fallout: New Vegas, this one’s, well, a no-brainer.”
  • Gamespot (8.5/10) — The fun and funny Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues gushes personality and is the game’s best add-on yet.
  • MTV Multiplayer — “The Best ‘Fallout’ DLC Yet”
  • GameSpy (4.5/5) — “Obsidian’s latest New Vegas add-on is pitch-perfect.”
  • GameTrailers (8.6/10) — Watch the video review
  • GameFront (95/100) — “… Old World Blues is exactly what you want out of Fallout DLC.”
  • Thunderbolt (10/10) — “Old World Blues is essential”
  • Eurogamer (9/10) — “It all adds up to the strongest expansion in the relaunched series, across both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.”
  • The Examiner (National) — “This is — simply put — the best Fallout DLC since Point Lookout.”
  • Just Push Start (4.5/5) — “Overall, Old World Blues is one of the greatest entries to Fallout DLC and should not be missed by any fan of the game.”
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun — “it’s bursting with new stuff.”
  • Gaming Bolt (8.5/10) — “In the end the moral is, well I’m not sure what the moral was, but this DLC was extremely funny”
  • RPG Fan — “It looks like Obsidian and Bethesda have figured out exactly what a piece of DLC needs to be – and it’s going to be very tough to top this one.”

For more reviews after the break…

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Modeling Morality: The Chaos Of Dishonored at

In Game Informer’s latest feature for Dishonored, Adam Biessener chats with Harvey Smith and Rafael Colantonio to learn more about Arkane’s “chaos system” approach for handling player choice, as well as how the system differs from  morality systems seen in other games.

Head over to GI’s site and watch the 10-minute interview here.