Pre-order the four-disc Skyrim soundtrack

Once 11.11.11 hits, Skyrim will be on the minds of many for weeks and months on end. To help with those awkward moments when you’re away from the game (work, driving, going to the gym), we’ve got just what you need: The Elder Scrolls® V: Skyrim™  – The Original Game Soundtrack 4-disc set!

Available through DirectSong, the four-disc set is a fantastic collector’s item for fans of The Elder Scrolls. The compilation will begin shipping the week after the game’s release. As a bonus to anyone that orders by December 23rd, copies of the soundtrack will be personally autographed by the game’s composer, Jeremy Soule!

The four-disc CD compilation can be pre-ordered now for $29.99.

Details on the music being made available on iTunes will be announced at a later date.

RAGE Strategy and Interactive Map Pack available on iTunes

Finding yourself stuck in RAGE’s wasteland? Prima’s new iPad/iPhone App might be just what you need.

Visit iTunes to download the app and with it you’ll get access to the Hagar Settlement Map and Ghost Hideout Map for free. The maps allow you to view key locations, keep track of items you need, and zoom in/out on points of interest.

You can also purchase maps of the Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland along with their interior maps, a complete Mission Flow Chart of every quest and mission, and the RAGE Frenzy Card Game Tutorial with a list of all cards and their locations. Purchase each one separately or buy all five for $5.99.

  • Hagar Settlement & Ghost Hideout Map (FREE)
  • Engineering Schematic (FREE)
  • Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Eastern Wasteland and Interior Maps ($1.99)
  • Mission Flow Chart ($2.99)
  • RAGE Frenzy Tutorial and Card List ($0.99)

Don’t have one of those newfangled iThingies? You can still purchase the official game guide in print and digital formats.

Weekend Update

As the weekend comes to a close, wanted to share a few cool links from around the web. At Gamespot, watch a David Attenborough-inspired video above — courtesy of Gamespot.

And if you’re looking for something completely different (but just as fun), be sure to check out this metal mix of Skyrim’s main theme.

Last but not least, check out new sneak previews for Skyrim at Game Informer and CVG.

Skyrim Team Diary #1

The first team diary for Skyrim — “Completely Blue Sky: The Concept of Skyrim” — is now live on the Elder Scrolls community page!

Featuring concept artists Ray Lederer and Adam Adamowicz, the diary offers a full article, over 40 pieces of concept art and a slick concept-to-reality montage video. Head over there now to check it out.

Supporting the article is also the first Skyrim podcast, which you can listen to there, or grab separately in the regular places:

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