Plenty stored in The Vault


Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks over at The Vault — a wiki page dedicated to all things Fallout. In the past week, the site hit a new milestone — 3,350 articles (and counting).

If you haven’t visited the wiki, you can learn quite a bit about the Fallout series. Wanna know about ALL the vaults? Head here. How about the timeline for the games? They’ve got that too. The site is definitely a useful resource — even folks here at the office have used it.

July Hall of Fame Entries


A day after the NFL announced it’s latest Hall of Fame inductees, Planet Elder Scrolls posted the latest Hall of Fame entries for Morrowind and Oblivion mod projects. Congrats are in order for the following:

Morrowind Mods

  • Clean Hunters rifle by Phijama: A challenging, yet fulfilling mod for Phijama to complete, this mod brings two rifles and a revolver to Oblivion.
  • Fliggerty’s Armor Project by Fliggerty and Friends: This mod compiles 90+ armor mods into one mod. For more details, visit Fliggerty’s website.
  • Oblivion Mods

  • Wyrmfang by Nicoroshi: This mod adds one Wyrmfang sword, and one Wyrmfang defensive dagger to the Necromancer’s Asylum at the bottom of Mackamentain Aylied ruins.
  • Ultimate Music Pack by Matti Paalanen: This mod features 23 new music tracks to Oblivion.
  • Supreme Magicka (Update) by Strategy Master / Flyfightfle: This mod overhauls the magic system in Oblivion. To use it, be sure to also have OBSE installed.
  • No word if Planet Elder Scrolls intends to start creating busts in tribute to the honored mods. Maybe they’ll add that for the August inductees :).

    Game Critics Awards Announce Fallout 3 Best of Show


    Earlier today, the team here received exciting news that Fallout 3 was named Best of Show for the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2008. In addition to Best of Show, the game also won the Best Role Playing Game Category.

    Both the nominations and winners of the Game Critics Awards were determined by a panel judges from various newspapers, magazines, television networks and blogs. We’d previously been nominated for three awards for Fallout 3 (2007) and two awards for Oblivion (2005), for which we won Best RPG in 2005.

    To view the rest of the 2008 winners, head here.

    Vote for your favorite PC games of all time


    Earlier this month, PC Gamer (UK) revised their Top 100 list of the greatest games of all time. On the list, it’s worth noting that the original Fallout cracked the list at #21, and Oblivion found its way into the top ten at #7.

    With their list out of the way, they now want folks like you to help compile the Readers’ Top 100. If you’re interested, simply register here, and then compile your top 10 list. Amongst the list of games, you can vote for games from The Elder Scrolls series (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion), Fallout series (Fallout 1 and 2), and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth made the cut. Of course you can vote for plenty of other great games — from Half Life 2 to Peggle.

    Compiling your top 10 list has an incentive as well as one lucky participant will get a new PC. For more details, head over to the Top 100 page.

    Coverage from across the pond


    The previews for Fallout 3 continue — with new coverage popping up following Pete’s European Adventure last week.

    Gamespot has a featured preview on their site after Guy Cocker from their UK office went hands-on with the game for about an hour. Here’s a snippet of his playthrough:

    “Above ground once again, we started to head out of town and toward downtown Washington, DC. We knew that we wouldn’t make it there in the short time period that we had, but we figured it was a good direction to head in. We started to come across some new enemies such as the feral ghouls, which are humanoid characters that had obviously been affected by radiation. We also encountered a trader with a hut full of goodies and a couple of dogs, although considering that we didn’t have any money, we couldn’t buy any of the items that he was offering.”

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    Inon talks music, Part 2

    Last week, we shared Part 1 of Game Trailers “Music in Gaming” series — a round table discussion (without a table) that includes Fallout 3 composer Inon Zur discussing the growing impact music has in the videogame industry. Part 2 went up on their site yesterday, and this time around, Mr. Zur argues that music within videogames can be more engaging for the user than in other entertainment mediums, such as television and movies.

    Part 3 of this series will be up next week, and we’ll let you know when it’s up.

    Around the web: Film festival tickets available


    Happy Friday to everyone! Here’s some of the latest Fallout 3 news.

    A few weeks back, we let you know about ‘A Post-Apocalyptic Film Festival Presented by Fallout 3′ that’s taking place in LA on August 22 and 23. Since folks have asked about ordering tickets, I thought I’d point out that tickets for the festival can be purchased on Fandango. Click here for Friday’s showings, and here for Saturday.

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    What we’re playing: Plenty of new stuff edition


    It’s been a good week for new releases. On Tuesday, I discovered several guys downstairs playing Soul Calibur IV — less than an hour after the local GameStop first starting selling it. It’s safe to say the soul burns on. In addition to Namco’s latest fighter, a bunch of guys (myself included) are excited that Geometry Wars 2 (Xbox Live) and PixelJunk Eden (PlayStation Store) are finally here. After playing both for many hours this week, I highly recommend you try them out.

    Below are the rest of the games (new and old) that we’re playing this weekend.

    Megan Sawyer: Soul Calibur IV! This victory has strengthened the soul of…Megan!

    Aaron Mitschelen, QA:  Soul Calibur IV, LotRO, Soul Calibur IV, and some more Soul Calibur IV.  MAAAYBE 1942 on Xbox Live Arcade.

    Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Geometry Wars 2, the Puzzle Quest expansion, PixelJunk Eden.

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    Around the web: A few more E3-related links to check out

    Here’s some of the newest Fallout 3 coverage to check out.

    We’ll start with interviews, since there are plenty of new ones to check out. As we speak, Pete is touring Europe (five countries in five days), so you can expect new coverage from there in the coming days/weeks. GenNext (Netherlands) already cranked out their preview, which includes an interview with Pete (above).

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