Er, Hi!


Welcome to our little blog. We’ve actually been running this thing for a while, but only internally while we got things sorted and got our approvals (Matt’s mom didn’t want to sign the permission slip). This (blog) is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but I didn’t have the time to do it on my own with everything else going on (that “Oblivion” thing, for one).

When I hired Matt to help with community stuff, I put this at the top of his list to help me get started, along with IT guy extraordinaire Rob (“the man” who makes our sites, wiki, and this blog work) and Lindsay (aka ShiftyEyedDog), who came up with a design. And, I pulled in Ashley because: a) he’s been doing a lot of work on his own blog (, and b) we’ve been friends for a while now so he’ll pretty much go along with something and help as long as it isn’t completely moronic, which is rare.

We hope to use this as a way of better communicating with people who play our games, or want to know what we’re up to, and letting folks know what’s going on with our games, communities, or just games in general.

We already have an outlet for official info on our games, but have been pretty limited on providing info on cool mods that are out, put up a gallery of fan art, do short Q&As with devs from different games, answer questions we get from people in a place where everyone else can see it too, or, I dunno, show off a Fallout 3 paint job someone here did in Forza 2…that kind of thing. Official sites aren’t always a good way to do that sort of thing, and things tend to get lost in our forums fairly quickly. Since gaming is what we do for work and play, hopefully this blog will cover plenty of both.

If you have ideas or suggestions, drop us an email and let us know.


Reader Comments

  1. Hello everyone 🙂 Very nice layout and looks like its gonna be hot. Looking forward to seeing what you can get away with here compared to the Official Forums. Til next time watchout for bald headed babies with frozen milk bottles waiting under your beds to smash your shins to smithereens!

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