Post-Nuclear Racing


Don’t worry, it’s not a spin off title we’re working on. The Beamer you’re looking at was designed by lead producer Gavin Carter using the addictive customization tools included with Forza 2. Initally Gavin designed a blue Audi, but decided on the 1997 BMW M3 E36. The design work took about 20 hours of effort, but it looks like all the effort really paid off.

Gavin isn’t the only one designing cars. Tim Lamb created a Vault-Tec Mini Cooper. Feeling a bit competitive after seeing Gavin’ later model, he said he’ll be working on a new design soon. Hopefully something with a little more horsepower.

If you’re out there and have a Forza 2 design that can compete with these, send them to us.

To view more screens of Gavin’s ride, as well as Tim’s Mini, view the rest of the story.




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