Spell and Equipment Database Motherload


Jon over at Gamebanshee shared with us the spell and equipment databases they have have hosted on their site. These databases cover all 5,922 items within Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and all DLC, as well as all 430 spells.

What’s most impressive to me is how comprehensive the search filters are. For searching spells alone, there are eight separate filters to use, as well as the ability to filter the search down to any of the 89 different spell effects. As a relative newbie to the game (thankfully I just got my 360 back), the simplicity of both of these search engines is definitely something I can see using. The filters even let you know what can be found in Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and all the other add ons and plug-ins.

Nicely done!

Reader Comments

  1. I freakin love the Elder Scrolls, I have been playing since daggerfall, and I have logged in well over 800+ hours on Morrowind, and 656 hours on Oblivion, the shivering isles is the BEST expansion I have seen for a game, I just wish I could get Mythic Dawn Armor 🙂

    I look forward to seeing Fallout 3, I still play fallout 2 to this day.

  2. I am going to buy this freaking game it looks awsome!

    And that you can play it so long and that there is so many spells, quests and items!