Better Homes and Goblins


As TES fans know, you’re probably not going to find a home for your Oblivion character searching through Craig’s List. What you may not know is that the modding community has created a helpful real estate resource called Oblivion’s Real Estate. The site is described as, “A site dedicated entirely to houses that Modders have contributed for the game Oblivion. All the houses that re listed here have been categorized to enable visitors to find the house just right for them without the time consuming effort of downloading and trying each one…”

Sounds cool to me, though I’ll admit my Dark Elf is a bit of a squatter.

House hunters, begin your search here

Reader Comments

  1. They have some excellent work right there. Amazing work, actually, considering the limitations (premade house sets). I used to use some of those back when I was still trying to enjoy the game. 🙂

  2. ORE is the top listing for real estate options in oblivion. No matter if you are the Knight-Protector of the realm, the Aloof Magi, or the Cunning Assassin, ORE has the home for you.

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  4. so… how do you get in? apparently the website is locked, and that makes me sad. of course its been a couple months, but a site doing as well as ORE is reputed to be doing must still be around… I have checked a lot of major forums, and i dont think anyone else is complaining or asking, so it must be a really new development. if anyone knows how to get to the site now, (or if its just off limits completely, please let me know here. i cant wait to see those house mods!