More News on Fallout 3

Kotaku has posted a list of facts that Michael Fahey gleaned from the Q&A session and from the demo that weren’t included in his original writeup. And if you missed any of his other posts about the Fallout event, Kotaku has summed them all up here.

RPG Vault’s Richard Aihoshi shares his positive reactions after seeing the game at our event.

“Scooter” Nguyen has a four page preview for Gamespy that touches on most of the areas shown within the demonstration for the game.

Our German readers may be interested to know there’s a brief teaser article up at PC Action related to their upcoming cover story.

After a brief false start, Game Revolution has posted their thoughts on the Fallout 3 demo.

UGO has a little piece up about the Fallout schwag we gave out, and mentions they’ll be putting up a “Fallout FAQ” at some point today.

John over at Game Industry News let me know his preview of Fallout 3 is now up.

On a somewhat related note. Mike over at PC Format dropped me an email to say he wrote a bit on their blog about Oblivion as it relates to the propects of Fallout 3.

Robert at GGL just dropped me a line to let me know his preview is up over at

Will Tuttle’s preview on Team Xbox is up as well…

Reader Comments

  1. The Fallout 3 FAQ recently released by No Mutants Allowed, which collated the information from the various previews and articles, may be worth posting. By presenting most of the information in a single article, it is certainly easier than wading through a dozen or so sources.

    In addition, Bartoneus of Critical Hits elaborated on some points about Fallout 3 at NMA’s request. Unfortunately, despite all the previews, there were muddled areas. I believe these questions are one that should interest anyone following Fallout 3.

  2. Xbox Team made a preview of Fallout 3. Here’s an excerpt:

    Old school Fallout fans will be impressed by the incredibly immersive world and quasi-turn-based gameplay (…)


    On the other hand, hype seems to be steadily growing. Good job. But remember: the more the height, the longer the fall (or something).