Oblivion Cracks Edge Magazine’s Top 20


UK magazine Edge just announced that they put together their “Top 100 Games of All-Time List.” Looks like Oblivion cracked the Top 20 (coming in at number 19). I did a personal tally of the games, and of the games listed, I’ve played 74 of the games and owned 58 of them. I guess I now know some more games I should have played at this point.

Outside of Oblivion, I’m probably most excited that Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved made the list. For nearly two years now, this has been my favorite game to play when I’m bored.

To view the rest of the list, check it out on Next Generation.

Reader Comments

  1. Honestly, I think this is a very,very poor list.I mean, where the hell is Fallout? And Half-Life 2 on the fourth place? Come on…not to mention two Zelda games in top ten, yes, they are awesome, but not THAT awesome.But since this is just random opinion of a few journalists, whatever.Important thing is, they’ll get their money for that “Collector’s Edition” mag…

  2. Congrats on the top 20 listing! Well deserved 🙂
    As per the previous post, I agree that there are a few obvious titles missing from their list but that’s a common occurance whenever you have a subjective list. Personally, I think the original Half-Life should have had a spot considering the way it re-defined the FPS. But you know what they say about opinions…

  3. Obviously these kinds of lists don’t always make everyone happy. There’s certainly some games I’d like to have seen make the list, but if every list was the same, it wouldn’t be that interesting.