The Oblivion Trail


I thought this was pretty cool. Over on a personal blog titled one fans shows how a hike through an Oregon forest resembled trekking through the Tamriel in Oblivion. I have to admit, there’s definitely a similarity .

This had me thinking, does anyone else have photos with a striking resemblance to something from one of our games (or other games for that matter). Send ’em in, and we’ll post the best ones. I look forward to seeing if there’s any gates to Oblivion out there in the midwest.

Reader Comments

  1. I once started a mod (Lake Canulus for Unique Landscapes) where I took a screenshot that looked just like one of the reference pictures I had… The screenshot still can be found in the UL WIP thread (as the mod still hasn’t been released) – it’s the one with the trees near the watter – but I don’t have the picture anymore 🙁 I personally was very found of how the whole thing was shaping.

  2. I was out in my side yard when I noticed that the area surrounding my house looks an awful lot like the area of Colovia around Chorrol. What do you folks all think?

    pic 1
    pic 2

    Not bad for Upstate NY, huh?