Fallout 3 Pic Pack/Theme/Trailer on Live

Many of us here have been waiting and wanting Fallout stuff to use for a gamer pics and themes since…forever. Finally today the wait is over as you can now grab a pack of Fallout 3 gamer pics. The pic pack (100 points) features several variations of Vault Boy plus a Brotherhood of Steel image, as well as a theme (150 points) for your Live blades featuring the Craig Mullins concept art you’ve undoubtably seen already.

Finally, a pic to match my motto. And, if you want to see the teaser trailer in full 720p glory, you can download that off of Live as well.

Reader Comments

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  7. I already have high definition concept arts, don’t know where I got them from… I’m pretty sure it was from a reliable completely legal place, so… go search for them… (720v if I’m not mistaken, a touch too small for my work screen, although it fits my gaming screen just fine 🙂 )

  8. I was a little late jumping on the Fallout 3 bandwagon, but love every minute of it. The theme no longer appears on xbox live, I would gladly pay 150 MS points for it. Where did it go?

  9. Hey i was wondering. if you don’t have hardcore mode on in Fallout:New Vegas, Will everything be the same like in Fallout 3. You know, The ammo doesn’t have weight, you don’t become thirsty or hungry and other stuff. If you can anwser back, that would be great. Also i love Fallout 3. It’s my favorite game. And i can’t for Fallout:New Vegas