So, folks have talked about the Bloody Mess cake we did, and a number of people asked about it and how we did it and so forth, so I figured I’d go ahead and explain how it came to be.

My wife occasionally watches this show ‘Ace of Cakes’ about a company in Baltimore, Charm City Cakes, that makes really cool cakes. (The show largely centers on Duff, who owns the place and is the head chef and so forth.) So one day I’m watching the show with her and Duff is making a cake for his dad’s birthday and it’s this surprise cake he made him that was a rocket, or a plane, or something…it’s not important.

What is important is he had some kind of fireworks in part of it, which he lit at one point to make it look like it was flying, and that’s when I got the idea to do a Bloody Mess cake. Bloody Mess is one of my favorite things about Fallout. It’s just so meaningless; no gameplay purpose whatsoever. Just more bloody deaths than normal, represented by this icon of a smiling Vault Boy casually blowing another guy away…and it’s captured a fraction of a second after he’s pulled the trigger. It’s just genius on every level.

So I go into work on Monday and I go into Todd’s office and told him I wanted to make a big 3D Bloody Mess cake and have the one guy’s head completely whole, and put fireworks in it, and then during the party we’d light them and blow the guy’s head off in an actual bloody mess. The cake could be, like, raspberry cake with gooey stuff in it….

Todd thought it was hilarious, and I mentioned to some guys on the team…Emil, Gavin…and they thought it was great and said we had to do it. So after lots of trying we finally got a hold of the folks at Charm City, who at first had no idea what the hell I was talking about. But after a few pictures and some explaining they got the gist of it. Unfortunately, they called back later to say that “the lawyers” said no more explosives in cake.

So with that dream gone, we focused on the most accurate Bloody Mess cake we could get without explosives, along with a couple of sheet cakes, each featuring one of the two guys in the image. I think everything turned out great. I’m sure it was a ***** to make. Food Network wanted to include it as part of a show, but decided it probably was a bit too much for it’s audience (they’re probably right).

My favorite moment with the cake was when Todd and I were carrying the thing out of my hotel room, where we had kept it after the event and before taking it back to the office the next morning. As we were getting on the elevator there’s this elderly couple on there already, and the woman says, “oh my!” The look on their faces when we got in was worth the price of the cake alone. “Horrified” doesn’t do it justice.

The cake’s currently residing on the reception counter for the dev area. The two sheet cakes were long since eaten, but it was definitely money well spent and definitely worth doing. Highly recommend the Charm City folks if you’re in this area and looking for a special cake.


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  2. I love this! *rolls with mirth*…Genius piece of cakecraft, it’s so good to see something action-based rather than just plain cakey.

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