Mapquesting The Elder Scrolls


Over at The Imperial Library, several different maps have been made by fan of The Elder Scrolls. You can definitely see a lot of time and effort went into some of these ones that were made from scratch. There’s also a few cools one that are modifications of the game map made by our very own Mike Wagner.

Being somewhat new to the company, I just made ArthmodeusD’s world map my wallpaper to help me get my bearings. Head on over to the site and unroll the maps to full size. There’s some pretty impressive detail in these.

Reader Comments

  1. Since you mentioned it (you started it! Ner ner!), can you explain this?

    Best weasel gets a cookie.

    Acceptable answers include, “Balmora burnt to the ground and was rebuilt a number of miles to the north”, “Vivec used his might to move Balmora”, and “It was moved as part of the deal between Vivec and the Imperials.”

    Any answers involving dragon breaks, Jagar Tharn or “the wizards did it” will lose you points.