The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition coming in September


Over the weekend, I saw several places that hinted at this, so without further ado, it’s official…The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition is coming to Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

On top of being able to play the heralded Oblivion, 360 fans not using Xbox Live will now have the opportunity to play Knights of the Nine and The Shivering Isles for the first time. TES IV: OGotYE (I’m sure this is what the kids will call it) also allows gamers to experience the insanity of The Shivering Isles on the PS3.

For more details on this announcement, check out the entire press release

Reader Comments

  1. Goatse, yes…

    Anyway, where was Oblivion considered game of the year. If I recall correctly, most mainstream sites and magazines were pointing towards gears of war, shadow of the colossus or company of heroes…

  2. Off the top of my head, I know it won Game of the Year at the Spike TV Awards and at the Gphoria Awards. I think Games for Windows Magazine had it as the Editor’s Choice for Game of the Year. IGN listed it as “RPG Game of the Year.” There’s more that I can’t think of right now.

  3. Will this include all of the DLC besides KoN? Also will the non journal quests be fixed in the Goty? Will certain bugs be fixed in the Goty like will the Necromancers Amulet be available after you become Archmage like it is in the unofficial Oblivion Patch? Also if all of the DLC is included how will certain items be leveled like the Raiment of the Crimson Scar? Will it be leveled when you start buying upgrades to Vile lair or will it’s level just be set in the Goty?

  4. To my understanding, the current plan is to include Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

    I’ll check into the other stuff.

  5. Thanks Mr.SFD 🙂 I’m sorry for being too lazy 😛

    Anyway, and back on topic, it would be nice (and logical, to some extent at least) if the GotY edition included all the DLC’s…

  6. Well, we might not get any TES love for a few years… but at least the console folk get access to Shivering Isles, and KoTN without needing an online service.

    For some reason I’m taken back to Tribunal by looking at that Case.

  7. I take it that means Shivering Isles won’t be offered as a separate download for PS3?

    I must say that would be rather annoying…being forced to buy the whole game again just for the expansion.

  8. It will be better if they merge the vanilla, the dlcs, kotn, and SI in one master file. That way some of the problems like the load order for mods will be gone.

  9. If you have already used some of the downloads (for me, the wizard’s tower), will it overwrite it? I have tons of stuff in the tower and would hate to have it erased.

  10. Thankfully I bought Oblivion for PS3 but kept it sealed. I was skeptical about PS3 downloadable content (and I really had no time to play it anyways), so I didn’t want to open it unless I was sure that it would have all the content of the 360 version. Now that the GOTY edition has been announced, I’m selling the first version and grabbing this one. I can only hope that it has ALL the content that has been released for 360 so far…if it’s just KOTN and TSI, that would be disappointing.

  11. Awesome news. I loved the Morrowind GOTY edition and it was a good option for us to have Tribunal and Bloodmoon all in one with the main game. I am sure many people have expected something like this in Oblivion’s case. The sad news for many would be that we have only the 2 expansions, the good news is they are very good and now we’ll have the game and the 2 expansions in one package.

  12. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to hear such good news! Being a console gamer, I still haven’t partaken of the gaming gemstone that is Oblivion…Seeing the GOTY edition today has made me want to buy a new console so much I quit smoking today.Hurrah! *madly saves money*

  13. We haven’t made any announcements relating to the cost of Game of the Year or how it effects the current edition that’s out in stores. We’ll let you know more details in time.

  14. Will there be a downloadable “shivering isles” expansion pack for those who have purchased it on PS3? Any idea on dates or costs? Thanks, love the game.

  15. When will details emerge about all the downloadable content packs available for pc and xbox 360? Is it certain that the goty edition will only include the core knights of nine quest and the shivering isles? (Awesome by the way!)

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  18. Hey so is the Game of the Year edition still coming out next week? Or has it gotten delayed until October (like I’ve read in a few places)?.

    If in fact it HAS gotten delayed, I certainly hope its because you guys changed your minds and decided to include ALL DLC in the game. I’ll be disappointed if thats not the case.

  19. I have got only one question.. when are you going to release either a new add-on or a new game? i have played it three times and i want something new now!:)

  20. Ive got GOTY (game of year edition) of oblivion and on pc and dont know how to play the others included (Knights of Nine, Shivering Isle) please help

  21. Question: Me, being like many, have satellite internet and live out it the country. My friend gave me the second disc from the GotY with Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles and i also downloaded most of the content from live like wizard tower and the castle. About a year ago my Xbox crashed and i got a new one but with the same hard drive with all of the content on it. We also recently downgraded internet speed so i can’t get on marketplace anymore. It will let me play the DLC from the GotY disc but not the live content, but i still have it saved on my hard drive. Any help? (late comment)

  22. So hopefully i can just redownload the content besides using the transfer tool because i think it will work with my internet and the fact that i forgot my password, but thank you very much for replying to my comment!

  23. I have the GOTY edition, but I can’t get the expansion packs to play. Do I need a plug-in or patch to access Knights of Nine and Shivering Isles?

  24. I’m at work and don’t have video feed. I hate to be a pain but can you give me the jyst? I’ve deleted and reinstalled the expansions. I’m hoping that once I wait the 3 days the Shivering Isles Quest pop will appear. For KotN do I go to Anvil for trhat one to innitiate?

  25. I had recently purchased the PS3 version of Oblivion GOTY. Does this version contain knights of nine quest and the shivering isles add ins. If so how can i load them. Please let me know.