E3: Now and Then


E3 is dead.

This week is E3. But its not E3. The mammoth, sweaty monster of a trade show is gone. I had gone to E3 for the past 5 years, but didn’t make the cut this year – just Todd and Emil from the development side.

If it had been decided that we weren’t going at all, I wouldn’t have been surprised. We just did a large press day for Fallout 3, so the major press folks have already seen our stuff by now. But I think its good that we have a presence. I usually post some pictures and blog posts while I’m at E3. Instead, I thought I’d write a few thoughts about the press day we had here at the offices for Fallout 3 — our own E3.

I would say it was a major success. The day went remarkably well. My favorite part was the Q&A session with Todd and Emil. Pete ran it like a press conference, pointing to journalists who raised their hands to ask questions. Lots of great questions asked.

It was a great way to chat with journalists that I would’ve normally seen at E3. I spoke with Desslock of PC Gamer before the demo and later at the after-event party. He has been in the industry for a long time, and its possible he may have been the oldest guy in the room — after Richard Aihoshi (another esteemed, long time journalist) of RPG Vault:)

I’m a fan of Desslock’s Alternative Lives column in PC Gamer. The Dec 2006 column, Memo to Bethesda: Five tips for not screwing up Fallout 3, is a great read. He wrote some impressions of the press day via a forum post, and I believe he’s planning on writing more about the game in his next column.

I met a few journalists who admitted that the original Fallout games were a bit before their times, and that they were going in cold turkey. Based on the questions from the Q&A, it sounded like they were digging it.

I will miss the parties. E3 always had the best parties. And heading over to EA with Todd to play NCAA Football, will miss that, too. (Most people schedule appointments on their E3 calendar, Todd and I scheduled when we would play NCAA Football).

Reader Comments

  1. — I’m also doing my column in the following issue on Fallout 3, as a sequel to my “memo to Bethesda” column a year or so ago, commenting on how I think things are looking on what I highlighted in the earlier column as the five most important “Fallout” features I was looking for in a sequel.

    -I explain the leveling/scaling – non-leveling/scaling stuff in great detail in my next PCG column.

    So yeah he is going to write more on his next column.