There’s a Fallout Shelter Under My Desk


Late last week I got an interesting e-mail from one die-hard Fallout, Brdar Radosav, showing off his Fallout-inspired PC. I shared the pics with some folks around the office, and I gotta say, we’re quite impressed. I especially enjoy the rusted paint look.

Thanks to Brdar for sending them over. We’re hoping to get more stuff like this up on the blog. Check out more images after the break.




Reader Comments

  1. You need to hire that guy to build a duplicate of that for the office. just the case, etc., then get the best parts you can, and use it for your Demo box for press/guests.

  2. Oh, man, I’d love to have that. That is so cool. That looks very authentic. There must have been a lot of work put into that. How did they make the mask on the door in the front of the tower?

  3. Hello people, im glad you all like my case, i have video on how its made, and i will post it ond you tube and send a link to Matt Grandstaff so he can show you all that.
    How did they make the mask on the door in the front of the tower?
    Mask was made by the digital artist named Sendi Kumulakanta whos making masks for the movies.
    Once again, im glad you all like my case.

  4. To be more precise, we have to add that the case is made throughout prize competition called “SK Case Chase” which is organized by “Svet kompjutera”, oldest and bestselling computer magazine in Serbia. The case was made by our associate Marko Drljevic, based on idea and sketches of Radosav Brdar, selected reader of the magazine who is now in the possession of the case.

    In the meantime, seven more cases were made up to now, one each month.
    More details you can found on (it’s in Serbian, but you can see the cases).