Update from E3 (it turns out it isn’t dead)


Well, Ash is right that E3 as we know it is dead, or, as we knew it anyway. No giant convention center with huge, loud booths. No 80K people trying to cram in to see everything. It’s no spectacle, that’s for sure.

But, it is still here. And so far, I love it. It definitely feels smaller and more under control. Some thoughts and highlights so far:

  • Really nice hotel in Santa Monica and the beach is just…right there. Emil’s first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.
  • Our booth is downstairs from the rooms we’re in, so instead of 45 minutes in a van in LA traffic at some ridiculous hour, we take an elevator two floors to get to our booth. Takes 2 minutes. This, alone, makes this the greatest E3 ever.
  • It’s mostly about the press, which is good, because that in and of itself is a huge chore to try to handle. Lot of folks from all over are here and getting them into our limited number of demo slots is no small task without also having to worry about sales folks and so on.
  • Weather in Santa Monica in July vs. DC — 75 degrees and sunny with a breeze off the ocean vs. 98 degrees with unbearable humidity….hmmm, tough call there.
  • Brilliant cupcake place around the corner from our hotel. Apparently this is the new thing in California, or at least, in LA. Somebody needs to start this in DC. Like, now.
  • The poster I wanted to do for our little party tomorrow is pretty brilliant. Will post an image of it sometime later this week.
  • Todd was looking for new sunglasses while he, Emil, and I took a walk down the the pier/boardwalk. Unfortunately, we were not able to convince him to buy the glasses in the photo. At least we’ll always have the photo.

Reader Comments

  1. Well, it’s only supposed to be 93 here tomorrow with a chance of severe thunderstorms, so take that, LA!

    Now, off to register hot-dc-cupcakes.com! Update: I’ve just been arrested.

  2. Wow, those sunglasses are awesome! I don’t get it, how could he resist the urge of buying them?
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing more info on Fallout 3, since its gonna be the only game EVER thats gonna make me upgrade my PC (glad its coming in late 08, or spring 09, right? : ).

  3. Take me to your leader! Those Glasses would have made Rocky Horror so much more fun.

    I’m kinda glad that E3 is a smaller press focused event now, instead of a gigantic robo-raid full of sweaty gamers, and enough electricty usage to send a Delorean into the future. I don’t really care about giant JBL speakers playing Mario Kart DS, or any of that flashy jazz they tried to turn E3 into. Oh my god… I’m growing up.