Dear (Oblivion) Diary


Got an e-mail from Brian G. from heartland of America (Des Moines, where I lived until I was 10) about how he regularly posted updates regarding his experiences playing Oblivion. I’m sure others have done this, but they Brian e-mailed me first!. I like the fact while it’s a pretty long thread, his exploits in Oblivion are all right there on one page. His updates started when he got the game on March, 22 2006 through April 18, 2007 when he wrapped up the main quest.

He didn’t post everyday, because like other fans, things always come up, such as when he posted:

“There will be no Oblivion update for tonight…or tomorrow night. the wife took the game with her to her parents’ place for the next two days so i would do homework and laundry.”

Stinky clothes and bad grades can be bad news, but you should have known to have a second copy of the game. Anyhow, thanks for sharing, Brian. Now that you’ve had an extended break from the game, you should give The Shivering Isles a chance.

Check out his chronicles here

Reader Comments

  1. hey guys, thanks for posting my story (about your story) on your blog. it’s like all those untold hours exploring Tamriel are now justifiable to my wife!

  2. Hey guys, I’ve been asking this question all over the place for about the last year, maybe you’re the people I should have been asking all along…

    Is this rumoured ‘Fighter’s Stronghold’ Oblivion DLC ever actually coming out?

    I know you can’t tell me anything in an official standpoint, but how about in the standpoint that Pete Hines and Bruce Nesmith were in when they talked about it in the run-up to Shivering Isles.


    Just to keep the dream alive…

  3. Hey guys, so… is the rumor that you can actually play as a (Reaper), on Oblivion with some Quest Line for (Grim Reaper), is that actually true? I think that would be awesome, and ideal for a Downloadable Content! If so, I wish someone would tell me… Anyways, how is the (Extension) Shivering Isles? I heard it was awesome… If Ya’ll know anybody that could tell me I would like to know somehow… my email adress is [email protected] I would like answers to both questions (if possible) Thanks guys… Left by Jimmy 7/25/7