E3 Coverage Rolling In


Now that coverage of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony’s press conferences are out there, I’m starting to see E3 coverage of Fallout 3 surfacing (I imagine there will be plenty to update in the next few days).

On GamersInfo, there’s a pretty detailed write up by SeanMike covering the events of the preview (which is a similar walk through to what was shown at our in-house media event) last month.

ActionTrip shares their take after viewing the demo this week.

While admitting that their visit to our space was more or less a second take, IGN writer Steve Butts gives new impressions on the game.

RPGFan raves about what they were able to see about the game so far.

Looks like the funny loving kids over at NeoGaf had a chance to see the game’s demo. Within their boards, there’s some Q&A answering going on…



This one is courtesy of Joystiq

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  1. Thanks for folowing previews and new coverage. Its nice to have one place to find it all. Good job.

    Any chance of those big posters coming my way? 🙂