Star Trek Legacy: Aftermath Mod


Within our Modding Forum for Star Trek: Legacy, I came across a new mod that’s showcased over on Created by one of our forum members, tjoz, it’s described as a hybrid mod serving two purposes – to help other fans learn about how to mod Legacy, and also to help create a unique gameplay experience each time you play the game. Here’s a few more details:

“The tutorial half of the game has been designed to offer up and coming modders the info and encouragement they need to set out on their own mod. Whether they wish to create new game modes or add to the growing list of Historical battles they could create; the know how is there for them to go about and create their own gaming experience.

The mod half, with enhanced AI, challenging scenarios and much more push the foundations of Legacy to make it a different experience each time you play. With many new maps each with their own perils and wonders will see the Legacy engine in a different light. The re-designed interface that carries through every menu throughout the game is to provide a change of scenery to the generic look of the old stock look.”

For more on the development of this mod, check the development forums for the game, as well as our forum for the game

Reader Comments

  1. Wow. Here a buddy was asking me if Bethesda’s Trek games were moddable, and I replied with a “huh?”, since I’ve never played a Star Trek game. This is awesome news.

    I’m going to go buy it now!

  2. Unfortunately it’s a very buggy game, and last time I checked the forums for it I read an official announcement that no further patches were planned. You might want to hold onto that money.

  3. I am thinking about buying Star Trek Legacy but am affraid my PC won’t be able to play it well since my processor is only 1.6GHz and the system requirements are for 2.66GHz or higher. Am I being overly caustious or will I be spending money for a game I cannot play on my PC?