Today at E3 — Sunny and a Bit Blurry


So we’ve got one full day of the show under our belts. The demos went well yesterday and we really had a packed room the last showing of the demo as we caught up with people who couldn’t get back in time from the Sony press conference. First demo is ongoing as we type and, despite some rather, shall we say, ‘tired’ people walking around the hotel today (Gatorade is quite the popular beverage this morning), everyone made it and it’s completely packed in there . Every demo today is going to be way, way full (unlike the image below taken while out of session).

Party last night seemed like it was a big hit. Love the Saddle Ranch and the people that run that place. All they really care about is that you have fun, which everyone definitely seemed to be having right up until the point where they had to push quite a few of us out the door at closing.

Always nice to talk to guys in the press in a more casual setting, as well as people from other development shops, various other companies…even our old buddy Ted “Tedders” Peterson made an appearance and chatted for a while. Several folks asked if we were having stimpaks again like we did at the party last month. Sadly, they did not make it to the Saddle Ranch, but somehow I don’t think it mattered.

You can read a rather humorous accounting of Michael Fahey’s bullriding exploits over at Kotaku (that’s him in the picture above). You can also see some more photos and insights over at Joystiq, where Ross put up a blurb about my little sign as well as the party itself. In the Joystiq photos you will note Losi in her rather fashionable “vault suit” she put together for the party, which she was quite proud of, and rightfully so. That’s just the sort of commitment and dedication that endears her to all of us. Plus, she rode the bull, twice, to the cheers of quite a loud crowd.

I need a cupcake. Those chocolate coconut ones are unbelievable…just like German Chocolate Cake.


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