More E3 Coverage


Now that E3 2007 rode off into the sunset, even more coverage is surfacing all over the internets! As more stuff rolls in, I’ll keep you guys updated.

  • IGN Insider interviews Lead Designer, Emil Pagliarulo.
  • RPG Gamer writer Bryan Boulette discusses talks about what he saw in the demo.
  • Gaming Nexus delivers their opinion after screening the game for 45 minutes.
  • Will Tuttle of Team Xbox gets a second opportunity to screen the game this week.
  • Voodoo Extreme, ActionTrip and IGN are now now hosting three high res screens from the game.
  • Slashdot has a short preview of the game on their site (in tandem with a preview for Fable 2).
  • Russ Pitts from The Escapist gives his impressions of how the game measures up with past Fallout games.

From the what I’ve read, seems like most everyone was impressed with the game, which is great. Also, I’ll need to talk more with Pete and Co. when they get back, but from what I’m hearing the new look of E3 was a success.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh yeah, you guys must’ve really been sweating it out to see if the media approved or not. Because, y’know, gaming media is known for being really critical, especially of your products.

    Honestly, who are we trying to kid here?

  2. I am not sure if this will ever get to Todd Pete, but I guess at this point, it is worth a shot. Let me begin. I have been an avid fan of the Fallout series all of my gaming life. That has been for about 11 years, heck, ever since I could sit up at the computer. I fell in love with SPECIAL, the ability to be evil or good (I always took good), he replay value (not so much in the first, but the second) and the dark humor found throughout the games. The combat system was fun, and added to the game-play experience. SPECIAL was also welcome.

  3. It was new. it was innovative. It was fun. Even today, I still count it as the best PC game I have ever played. I play Oblivion. I love Oblivion. I also love Morrowind. However, i fell that TES and Fallout can’t really be crossed. I feel that yu can’t really have Fallout be Fallout with a TES look. they are both great genres, but I don’t think that they will mix. I didn’t love Fallout because of it’s realism. I loved it because it was fun and almost comic-book like.