Morrowind Now Compatible with Xbox 360


Last night I saw on Major Nelson’s blog that The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is now (finally) backwards compatible with the Xbox 360. I’m not only excited for the many fans that have contacted me about this (Pete figures he’s gotten about 5,000 e-mails on this in the last two years), but now finally I get a chance to get back into the game myself.

I just did a test on a retail 360 at the office (which was more of a scavenger hunt then I expected), and I confirm that after an Xbox Live update, you can play Morrowind, whether it’s the original release, Platinum Hits, or the Game of the Year Edition. For those without Xbox Live, there’s still ways to get the necessary update. Check here for more details.

For information on other games that are now compatible with the 360, check here.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m pleased that we can now play Morrowind on the 360 in BC mode… but the graphics look worse than they did on the old xbox… Why?

    We need:

    1. widescreen
    2. the expansion packs to work (using the game of the year edition, and the expansions are disabled, with no apparent way to enable them)…
    3. better resolution – (it looks like 800×600 at best)…

    So, this unexpected development is bittersweet, at best. I expected a better effort… but, I’m glad nonetheless I can play even the original Morrowind release on my 360…

    Please, keep working on it. I love your games and I love your company – but I think you can do better, unless there’s some technological aspect or limitation with BC that I do not understand…


  2. It’s not possible for widescreen…the game is formatted just as it was on Xbox.

    In terms of the expansions not being enabled, this is something Microsoft would probably need to enable. That is if it’s not working already (Ash and I are going to investigate)

    From what I saw of the resolution, the game looked fine to me. You might just need to get used to games before the HD era.

    Other than that, Microsoft put out this update, not us. So the update is what it is…an opportunity to now play Morrowind on your 360.

  3. Hey, does this also apply for Morrowind GoTY Edition, cause that’s the only copy I have left for the old Xbox…

  4. Some people might recognize me because of some of the more hackerish things I have done with XBOX morrowind, and morrowind in general…

    (I helped ManaUser reverse engineer the morrowind font format, the results of which have grown into a 3rd party tool that is used with Oblivion– I am also “The notorious XBOX saved game editing guy”, and have fixed/repaired more saved games for official forum posters than I can shake a stick at.)

    When I heard about this news, I ran out and got a 360 from a local retailer, but ran out of time to fire it up before I had to go to work. (At work right now in fact.) I admit, I am more motivated by the potential prospects that the 360’s new backwards compatability offers up, and I became EVEN more excited when I learned about a 3rd party product while doing some initial research. The device is made by Datel Inc (the makers of the Pro Action Replay line, and various other game cheaters/backup devices.) and allows pretty much RAW Filesystem access to the hard drive of an XBOX 360. It is called an XSATA, and costs 60$ from CodeJunkies.

    In short, it allows you to copy old XBOX saved games to the XBOX 360. (And could possibly be used for a whole lot more, because of its method of operation.)

  5. I wept when I read this. Sobbed. Like a little girl. For so long have we Xbox users lamented over all the advantages the PC users had. Finally, we get a bit, however small, of relief. Rejoice! Today is our day!

  6. I am just so glad that (after a few years of me sending emails to the suggestion box at microsoft) that I can now play one of my favorite RPGs again. I will say that Oblivion was awsome but it made me miss Morrowind so much. Thanks for scratching an old itch of mine….. LOL 🙂

  7. Can you play mods for morrowind on the xbox 360? Because I found this tutoial that lets you play them on the original xbox? If you can play them is it illegal or something?

  8. I did experience an odd problem. On my way back from hunting werewolves in Solstheim, I went to the docks to return to the mainland.

    I started approaching the ship and the whole dock structure and ship dissapeared leaving just barren shore.

    Scratching my head I walked around fort frostmouth to see if I had gotten turned around somehow and the dock and all was still gone.

    I went inside the fort and returned outside once more to find that the docks and ship were back to my relief. I don’t remember seeing that bug when I played on the xbox so I bet that is the type of bug players are experiencing keeping them from the expansions..

  9. I can’t tell you how many times I emailed microsoft about their lack of backwards compadability in general, but this is a great relief on that ote, since Morrowin is the best game that was on the Xbox.

  10. So the GotY version of Morrowind works? I got the update from the Official Xbox Magazine’s newest issue (September 2007, Disc 74) and when I tried to play the game it didn’t work. Why is that? Should I just get update from the Xbox website? This is really frustrating for me because I’ve waiter for this to happen since last Fall when I got a 360. Please help me.

  11. I started a game on the original verson of Morrowind and now i want to swich it to GOTYE and it says i have no saves. Can i fix this or will i have to start over?

  12. Hi. I installed the update and I have a bizzarre issure where i have graphics, hear sounds, abut all my text boxes are empty while trying to play GOTY edition on my 360. Any ideas how to fix that? Or do i jsut need to pony up and buy a new copy?

  13. If you have this, XSATA system that weirdw was talkin about, then could you not, in theory, download mods and plugins from the internet and tap into the hard-drive to play them in the xbox game?

  14. So I’m confused. Do the expansions work on the 360 or not. I’m actually new on the Elder Scrolls boat, only ever having played Oblivion GOTYE. I want to try out Morrowind (what really drew me in was the werewolves). I want to buy the GOTYE but if the expansions don’t work… Also, I have the hard-drive, does it cost anything to update the 360 so I can play this game?

  15. Morrowind GOTY should work with Xbox 360 so long as you have the free update from Xbox LIVE (when you attempt to start the game), you should be prompted for a LIVE update.

  16. I have the GotY Edition for Xbox. I downloaded the update via USB drive as instructed. Confirmed update. However, I still get the message saying my 360 is not capable of pplaying original xbox games and to go to the xbox site to download the update I have already downloaded. Any suggestions?


  17. I just purchased Morrowind: GOTY Edition, but the emulation profile for the XBox 360 is no longer available on XBox Live or Is there anywhere else to download the profile so I can play the game on my 360?

  18. I second Blaze, the present updates do not allow for Morrowind GOTY to work. Is there anywhere the emulation profile can be downloaded?

  19. Hey there. I recently bought an Xbox 360, and when i put in Morrowind it says i need a hard drive to play. I have one in the Xbox already. I apologize because from what iv read its been a big issue. If you guys could give me some feed back on what i should do i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks