Zelda Inspired Mod



Over the last few weeks, Christian of CCRE over on Planet Elder Scrolls has been working on this cool Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time-inspired mod for Oblivion. From the look of the screenshots, I think he pretty much nailed the look of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield from the game (a game that nearly cost me a failing grade my freshman year of college).

So now that we have The Ocarina Oblivion of Time. Does make me want to play some Zelda, or maybe just practice my Ocarina playing like this guy.

Reader Comments

  1. they should make a final fantasy mod, like playing as sephiroth, kefka, squal, cloud, or terra for that matter, than again with the choice of the one winged angel as a character it is kinda a no contest

  2. I reckon they could have done his clothing more original in that shot.I mean it is oblivion after all it should be a bit more classy but it still looks good

  3. This looks pretty good! although i think that the hood is actually an oblivion original.

    Say, i wonder if this is the same mod ive heard about before. Ive heard about a Legend of Zelda mod for oblivion in which they were going to recreate the entire ocarina of time game, including all the places, people, items, etc from the game.

    Ive seen some really good stuff, but then again,some of the stuff mightve been from a LOZ OOT ‘video’ making, as i think i read that somewhere possibly – its the one where they have fully recreated the room in the water temple where you fight Dark Link

  4. Awesome! Im getting oblivion for the pc and im getting this mod! I’ve also heard about other stuff like the kokiri sword, and the megaton hammer, but im not sure. These might be the only sword and shield i use in the game lol