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  1. Hopefully Chuck Norris can bring Shivering Isles to the PSN so I won’t have to buy another copy of Oblivion this fall!

    Seriously though, this video is hilarious. I’ve always wanted to run around beating people’s faces on my game but im afraid of accidentally saving over my save file after my bounty level has been compromised. 🙁

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Funny how he goes after the women when given a choice of sparring partners! SOMEONE PLEASE REBUILD KVATCH!

  3. haha very funny. favorite part was when the old guy asked if you’d help him so you killed and mutilated him… still laughing

  4. I did a Chuck for a bit and saved. Oops. Now it’s not “Hi Savouir of Bruma, man who stopped us all from dying, Grand Champion Arch-Mage secretly Gray Fox wonder man”. No. it’s just scum. Apparently all the guards have “heard of me”. Turns out my infamy is 196!

  5. Excellent. Highly Reccomend the other Videos.

    If you don’t know how to find them, there’s a link to Kaiem above the viewer.

  6. Hah…I love machinima’s stuff. I just stopped a day of looking at youtube to play oblivion, only i paused to look up a quest on, and the news had a link back to this side…and here I am again, watching youtube videos >.<
    I have a question << How come you don’t have an official 360 plugin with bookshelves that automatically put your book collections on display?? Is it really that hard to code? *le sigh*