Where’s our Trophy??



Just a little bit ago, we got confirmation that on GameSpy, Fallout 3 finished as the runner up in three categories: Best of Show, Xbox 360 Game of Show and PC Game of Show. Congrats to Bioshock for beating us in all three categories. Still, lots of really good games on that list that we’re excited to play ourselves, so we’re thrilled to be on the list.

In other award news, Kotaku has Fallout 3 only below Rock Band and Super Mario Galaxy for their “Best of Show” award. Among their other categories, Fallout finished 3rd for “PC Game of Show”, as well as second for “Best RPG.” Here’s some of the other recent media coverage from E3…

  • RPG Fan awards Fallout 3 “Best Overall RPG of E3 2007”
  • Yahoo Games lists Fallout 3 within its Top 10 Showstoppers.
  • On 1Up Yours podcast, Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal calls Fallout 3 “phenomenal.”
  • Over on UGO, Rusty gives the E3 crown to Fallout 3 – edging out Mass Effect.
  • Gameworld Network writer Mitchell Saltzman explains why his jaw dropped during the E3 demo.
  • Game Lyfe declares Fallout 3 “Best RPG of E3”.
  • Chris Baker, one of the E3 judges, discusses games he was impressed with, including Fallout 3.
  • The BBPS shares thoughts on the demo, discussing V.A.T.S and the 3rd person perspective.
  • MKE Online has an interesting ABC’s of Fallout 3.
  • GameZone delivers their reactions to screening the demo.
  • Game Shark’s Tracy Erikson shares gameplay news after viewing the demo.
  • Omni at The Armchair Empire relates the demo to a trip to the strip club…and brownies…you’ll just have to read it for yourself. 🙂
  • Twitch Guru walks through their impressions of the demo.
  • Gamer Node touches on details of Todd’s presentation of the game.

Reader Comments

  1. man, you guys are loving the Corn State recently. first, you post that Oblivion diary of mine, a small-town Iowan. and now you’ve got pics from the best state fair in the nation! how can you beat statues carved from butter and all the fried food on a stick you can imagine?!

  2. Having grown up in Des Moines, and been to nearly every Iowa State Fair since I’ve been alive … this is pretty cool. But, who’s the doofus in the pic?

    Beth … really looking forward to Fallout 3. Bioshock looks cool, but I think Fallout 3 will be a great game, from what we’ve seen so far.

    Are you guys going to release a demo on Marketplace?

  3. I realize that this is more about the reviewers than the game that is being reviewed, but….

    What sort of RPG review can one get for a game that isn’t even coming out for another 12-18 months? I mean, to review a good RPG, you need to be able to explore multiple questline paths, replay multiple times with significantly different characters, rate character development as the character becomes more skilled, etc., etc. That has to take about 100+ hours of game play with a fairly bug free product.

    How can anybody give an honest review of an RPG with the type of short demos and stuff that would exist at an expo?

    You may be able to review an FPS that quickly (based on eye candy, interface control, etc., etc.), but not an RPG.