Domo Arigato, Famitsu


So I found this out a while ago but didn’t want to say anything until the magazine came out.

Oblivion is about to come out for Xbox 360 in Japan next week, and Famitsu’s review crew had a chance to review the game (the fully localized Japanese version). They awarded the game scores of 10, 9, 10, and 9, for a total score of 38 and it earned their Platinum Medal. If you’re not familiar with Famitsu, they have a reputation for being pretty harsh, so we’re pretty excited they liked it, particularly since it is very, very different than your standard Japanese RPG.

My buddy Tetsu over at Spike (the folks helping us publish Oblivion in Japan) told me that across every platform they review games on, only 44 titles have gotten a score of 38 or better since September 1986. And, as you might expect, roughly half of those 44 are from Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Dragon Quest. So that’s nice company to be included in and we’re quite happy.

Reader Comments

  1. WOW. That’s awesome. I never imagined that a “Western” RPG would be that well-received in the Land of the Rising Sun. Just goes to show that a great game is a great game no matter where it’s played.

  2. Thats really good to know that Oblivion is doing so well over there. As a Japanese/Korean girl, i love playing oblivion over Final Fantasy anyday unlike my friends >.>
    Keep up the good work Bethesda! =D

  3. just read that score and i got to say wow. they are really harsh on games and to see such a great score is a huge credit to the devs.