Old Story About An Old Woman

I’m sure many of you have heard of Barbara St. Hilaire, she’s the grandmother that’s been covered in the news over the last few years for being a hardcore gamer. For those that haven’t seen her blog, she often has videos posted of her playing various games. Below is a footage of her playing Oblivion:

For more videos, check out her blog. It appears she just recently got out of the hospital. We hope she’s doing well.

One last thing, I should warn you, Old Grandma Hardcore gets upset when she gets caught with stolen items. 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. So cool how she plays a good variety of game types. I used to think she only liked shooters and action/adventure games.

    Either way, this is clearly not as bad as her frustrations with Psychonauts or RFOM.

    Maybe there should be a grandma hardcore Oblivion character to go on adventures with Chuck Norris?

  2. lol, i saw this video about a month ago. It was the first gmhc vid I saw, and naturally I was a bit shocked from the words that came out of her mouth. 😉

  3. Very cool. My grandma tried Oblivion and gave up after a few minutes. All she wanted to do was follow deer, and then got owned when we encountered an ogre. Oh well.