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In a couple months of working at Bethesda, I’ve gotten several requests from new fans of the The Elder Scrolls series about how they can try the older games.

For those that aren’t already aware of it, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, is available as a free download off of the official Elder Scrolls site here. To help run it, try downloading DOSBox 0.70. We don’t provide tech support for this version of Arena, so use at your own risk and head to the Past Games section of the BGS Forums if you need help.

Reader Comments

  1. For anyone curious as to how the “bikini armor” worn on the cover is in any way combat-effective, it’s enchanted. Really, really enchanted.

  2. i think they should realease all the old games (or at least arena and daggerfall on the #^) market place for download.

  3. oh no i don’t think it should be free at all, just avalible for people like me and many others who were babies when it came out and want to have the chance to play it whithout having to pay an entire dungens loot to some guy on eBay. Again i think it should be an X box live download or released as an “elder scrolls battle chest” type thing with other games such as redgaurd and battle spire. simalar to how old 80’s arcade games were put on one disk and sold for last-gen consoles, but in no way do i think that it should be free.

  4. Not a bad idea MajorQtip,
    A TES: Classics would be great for about £40 or $80 (if that’s the current exchange rate)

    If it featurered
    Arena Deluxe Edition
    I’m sure all real TES fans would purchase it.

    Even more you could release a collector’s edition featuring the codex scientia(correct name?) and other little things like the pocket guide to the empire and maybe some maps, etc.
    I’d be willing to pay A LOT! for it.
    And better yet you could rerelease the walkthroughs and editors(if that’s possible with a randomized world)

    I’m confident that doing this would make Bethesda alot richer, so anyway I firmly second MajorQtip’s comment. 😀

  5. I’m porting a lot of open source games to the linux-based Nokia internet tablets (800×480 screen, wlan, *not* a phone).

    It would be a delight to find a way to license Arena from Bethsoft for porting to the tablets.

    With a 400mhz OMAP2420 cpu, there’d be no need for extensive optimization, just a framebuffer, file i/o and keyboard/stylus mouse routines.

    I’ve ported DosBox to the tablets, unfortunately it can only get about 1FPS with Arena. Let’s make this dream a reality.

  6. Any chance of a Nokia internet tablet version? The dosbox emulated version runs abit too slow.

    If source is provided, im sure the community can optimise it to work faster on the tablet.

  7. I concur. Old games should be cherished and preserved. Releasing source code will certainly make this happen. I also would love to play my old favorites on my Nokia N800 internet tablet. Please consider releasing the source code for the gold old games.

  8. If you don’t release the source code, could you at least make it playable on the N800 and other internet tablets? I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, but I’ve never played Arena or Daggerfall. I’d love to be able to play the older games from anywhere, and with Bethesda’s resources, it shouldn’t be hard or take too long to do.

  9. I, too would like to see Arena ported to the Nokia Internet Tablet series. There are fans out there willing to do the work, all that needs to be done on Bethesda”s part is make it possible. It doesn’t seem fair to cut off so many fans of this free game by not letting them play onn the system they want to.

  10. I would Love to see Arena ported to the Nokia Internet Tablet as well, certainly I would purchase it again for that platform as I did with the Kings Quest collection when SCUMMVM was released on the Nokia Tablet. Seems like a not to complicated way to make some money on an existing title to me…

  11. You can play arena on dosbox, you just have to increase the cycles, I believe you just press CTRL-F12 to go faster, and CTRL-F11 if you need to go slower.

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  13. I agree that bethesda should release this on the Xbox Live marketplace.

    Any way great job bethesda now I can finaly live the days of TES when I was a baby.

  14. never have played this game and i wont unless its availible for xbox, id like to but i had a bad expirience with wasting 20$ on morrowind becuase it keeps on crashing and i dont know crap about computers