Oblivion DLC update


We’ve heard from folks in different countries that have been looking for certain DLC that was apparently missing where they were. So I worked with the folks over at Microsoft to figure what was missing in each country and they’ve dropped me an email to let me know that everything should now be available where it should be. If you still find that something is missing that you think should be there, let us know. Hit the jump for the full list.

Here’s what’s been updated (all versions are in English unless otherwise noted):

Shivering Isles — Portugal, Belgium, and Mexico.

Knights of the Nine — Belgium (in French) and Switzerland (in both French and Italian…as always, download the version that matches your original copy of Oblivion).

Horse Armor (yes, people actually ask for it) — Sweden, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal.

Spell Tomes — Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal.

Thieves Den — Spain and Mexico

Orrery — Belgium, Finland, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain

Mehrunes’ Razor — Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy

Reader Comments

  1. Any word on Playstation 3 DLC? If certain things are gonna be left out of the upcoming “Game of the Year” edition, will we at least be able to download them on the store?

  2. GotY will be the same on PC, 360, and PS3 — Oblivion + Knights + Shiv Isles. That’s it. No other DLC.

    Still don’t have any news on Oblivion DLC for PS3. We’ll let folks know as soon as we know.

  3. Crap…so essentially PS3 owners will have to re-purchase Oblivion just to play Shivering Isles. And still be expected to spend money on the remaining DLC if/when it comes to the PS store. DLC that should be included in a supposed “Game of the Year” edition to begin with. I realize that part of the problem with getting the DLC and expansion on the Playstation store is probably more Sony’s fault than yours but still. This is quite a racket. I wouldn’t mind shelling out the 60 bucks all over again in September for a game I already bought a few months ago -IF- I was to be getting everything that hasn’t been released yet. But now I’m not sure if its worth my while. I wish you guys and Sony could come to some kind of compromise with releasing content on the store.

  4. Will there be some confirmation anytime soon as to whether or not any more Oblivion DLC will be made available?

  5. If you guys DO decide to release one or two more DLC packs in the future, then as a PS3 user it wouldn’t bother me as much waiting for one “definitive” version to be released down the road with everything in it. But as of now I kinda feel cheated by the upcoming Game of the Year version…assuming you are done with DLC.

    Off topic however…I’m really hoping that any remaining DLC involves the rumored “Dragonfire Castle” stronghold for warriors…and one including werewolves/lycanthropy in the game. Cmonnnn…you were going to put them in originally anyway 🙂

  6. I actually bought this game a couple of weeks ago, knowing that the Game of the Year Edition was going to come out. I already had a taste of this game on the Xbox, but unfortunately, a goblin stole my disc and wrecked it. So, when I bought a PS3, naturally, the first game I bought for it was Oblivion.

    Still, I suppose I’ll grab the Game of the Year Edition if there is no way to get Shivering Isles off the Playstation Store. However, most of my friends who bought the PS3 version of Oblivion aren’t as dedicated as I am, and they say that they won’t buy the Game of the Year Edition just for Shivering Isles. Most of them are waiting for some download-able content on the Playstation Store…

  7. I have been playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion for awhile now and is my favorite rpg game for the xbox 360.

    I very much hope that you folks over at Bethesda will in the near future make atleast two more DLC expansion packs for this game after Shivering Isles?

    I also really hope that you will confirm the rumored “Dragonfire Castle” stronghold DLC for warriors…and one including werewolves/lycanthropy in the game!

  8. We hear you. We’ll let you know as soon as we know what’s up with DLC on PS3. Obviously the more ways in which you’re able to buy and play stuff like Shiv Isles, the better it is for us, so we’re still working on getting it out on PS3 in other ways besides GotY.

  9. A way to play fan mods on the 360 would be gnarly. I’ve gotten all the regular downloadable content, and I’m hungry for more…

  10. Good news,i just saw it today,i was surprised because no news on internet has announced it.

    But The Vile Lair is still missing in France!!

  11. If you eventually do release the other DLC for PS3 (horse armor, Vile Lair, Thieve’s Den, Frostcrag Spire, Mehrune’s Razor), then please at least release it in stores as well as on the PlayStation Store, because I live in the boondocks (in the USA) and don’t have broadband. I really want the rest of the DLC.

  12. Yes, please include the Vile Lair for the 360 Marketplace in France, it’s been available FOREVER for the PC userbase and the english-speaking countries… I don’t mind the content being in english as I’m actually playing the english version, but I just cannot download it from where I live… T_T

  13. Is this still not available for ps3? I just rebought Oblivion, this time the game of the year addition, and was very upset to not find frostcrag and vile lair and such. My sweetie who just bought it as well is going to be angry. I am returning mine, and I bet he will as well. When will this be available? I am very dissapointed. I expect better from Bethesda.

  14. So, I see the downloadable version of Shivering Isles on the PSN, but nothing else. What gives? No Vile Lair? No FrostCrag? No Thieve’s Den? Please tell me that this was only phase one and you are still working on getting the rest of the DLC to the PlayStation store. At the very least it would be nice to get the Vile Lair. For those of us that like playing dark/stealthy characters, the shrine of sithis is almost a necessity, ass it is a unique feature that is impossible to get anywhere else in the game without DLC (unlike the altars in FrostCrag). I would hate to think I was suckered into buying yet another copy of Oblivion, which at the moment is the most useless one out of the three I own (despite the obviously superior graphics).

  15. For the pc version, you get a list called the DLC list or something like that and it says not to change or delete it… well I sort of accidently shift-deleted it so I can’t get it back…
    Anyway you can remake it? Not sure what it was called otherwise I could.

  16. Please, at least make a mention of whether or not DLC is coming to the PS3. I’ve never purchased an Elder Scrolls game before, got Oblivion yesterday, and was extremely disappointed to find out that so many features are missing. I can’t find any reassurances that you guys are still working on it that are more recent than almost a year ago.

  17. I think by this point it is fairly obvious we are being ignored, and no one at Bethedsa will even have the decency to step forward and give us closure by telling us they’re not even working on it. I suspect that they are doing it out of fear of a backlash and people refusing to be cheated by buying any more of their games. However, the reality is that ignoring good, paying customers has the same effect, twofold. They should at least have the decency to admit that they have left all of us out in the cold. Care about their customers’ opinions my foot.

  18. I suggest all ps3 owners not buy any more Bethesada games. It is obvious they care only for their xbox 360 base customers and NO ONE else. They are not relesing DLC for Fallout 3 on the PSN either. Boycott all Bethesda games for the PS3, maybe hitting them in the pocketbook with a loss of sales will get them the message, since communication from their customers does not work.

  19. Why do people keep blaming Sony for the lack of DLC on PS3? Just because they won’t let it go on PSN doesn’t mean they can’t do it. I DL third party themes, etc. from other websites all the time. It shouldn’t take much to be able to download straight from the official website, and then use the installer like normal. I’d just like a straight answer. Are they just too LAZY to port stuff over, or do they think their Oblivion fanbase is dying off? WE ARE STILL HERE!!!

  20. Come on Bethesda!! Now your not even bringing fallout 3 dlc to the ps3 either!! You’d make tons of cash if you ported the dlc to ps3!

  21. Mexico doesn’t have Mehrunes’ Razor. I checked it yesterday on my Xbox Live Marketplace from the console and it’s like not available, however I checked it on the Xbox Live Marketplace website from xbox.com and it’s there but when I try purchasing it all I get is “The offer is not available in your region or has expired”. Will we be getting that update? Please help because I already purchased all the others and I don’t even have my console in spanish so no language issues there 🙁

  22. Oblivion is one hell of a game, it’s brilliant, and £20 for the PS3 platinum GoTY version was a bargain in my opinion. And yes. it’s Platinum. Platinum means it sold 400K in Europe alone in just one year… Do the maths guys, DLC for the PS3 will make at least 400k Europeans, and probably alot more Japanese and Americans very happy, and it probably wouldn’t harm your bank balance either! (just don’t invest it in any Icelandic Banks.)
    Seeing as probably more Americans bought the game than Europeans, I’m estimating that around 2m people are waiting with tearful smiles for DLC that they haven’t been given, like a small child not being given sweets. Oh, almost forgot, and they have a *!£$ load of Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen, Yuan and Roubles for ya!

  23. Hi. Thank you Bethesda for Oblivion GotY Edition and for the Elder Scrolls series as a whole. I hope ALL the extra DLC content is available to ALL OF North Americans on the PS3. From what I’ve heard read and heard it isn’t. I do have the GotY Edition of Oblivion and intend fully play it once I get a system. I also hope that patches and updates will be made available for the best possible fluid and quality gaming experience on all platforms across the board. I am a bit disapointed (from what I’ve read) that becoming a werewolf insn’t availbe isn’t officially available in this installment (althought I’ve read that becoming a vampire still is). Ah well, if not this one, maybe in the next installment. I also look forward to getting Fallout 3 GotY Edition sometime after it’s release. Thank you sincerely from a Canadian fan from Ontario. Peace to all. Later.

  24. Bethesda,

    Will the Mehrunes’ Razor update be available in México, I like Oblivion a lot, I have purchased almost all updates in the Market place of the xbox 360, and I would really like to see that updete available here, or is ther any other way to get it? Thanks

  25. merhunes razor isnt available in Mexico, will it be possible to fix it? its the only add im missing.please bethesda help us get it.

  26. please maker of oblivion all the people that play oblivion would love to have the DLCs for the game on PS3. see what you can work out write back please