Team Xbox Declares Fallout 3 “Best Demo” at Show


Coverage from E3 is slowing a little bit, but I still came across an award for the game over at Team Xbox, where Fallout 3 nabbed the Best Demo (Non-Playable) award. Sounds like they not only enjoyed watching Todd play the game, but also the comfort of the theater chairs provided.

Just to clarify on the non-playable aspect of the game. As you know, journalists were not allowed to play through the demo, but E3 judges were able to pick up the 360 controller and confirm that the game was, in fact, a playable demo and not some pre-rendered thing (as if pre-rendering 45 of game is any easy than doing it for real). Getting them to put the controller back down was a bit of an issue on more than one occasion as several folks played it for a half hour until we wrested it away from them.

Other notable awards went out to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Best of Show) and Mass Effect (Best RPG). That said, it looks like this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Team Xbox following these remarks:

“…Fallout 3: Great demo, and probably the RPG, if not the game of the show next year if it doesn’t come out before E3 08 (if there even is an E3 08). However, it’s still a ways off for us to capture its true essence.”

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